5 Ways to Make Money on the Road

 Does the term "touring musician" seem like a term we'd almost never hear again?

Are you ready to hit the road?

Have you been looking at this year and (finally) asking yourself - how do musicians make money on tour?

The good news is that (once again) things are starting to ease a little in some areas so if festivals and touring might be in your 2022 plans, this week's video is for you.

Our Artist Collective co-owner Vinnie Hines is a seasoned pro when it comes to gigs and touring!

He just dropped a new video on our YouTube Channel to help YOU get the drop to make extra music money on the road (btw, great tips even when you're not on the road)!

Watch the video now and get ready to take a few notes along the way. 

  • 0:09 How to secure brand ambassador gigs
  • 2:02 Flipping gear on Facebook Marketplace
  • 3:27 Street performing/busking tips
  • 4:23 Leveraging social media local influencers
  • 5:39 Long-term equity on the road
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