Evan Price

CEO | Artist Manager | Educator | Branding Specialist

Artist Collective is the brainchild of CEO Evan Price. With 15 years in the industry he has had firsthand experience in every corner of music business. Evan launched Artist Collective out of the dorm room of Columbia College Chicago while obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Music Business.Since then he has helped launch 100+ music brands, transforming artists and musicians into "artistpreneurs".

"Artists often forget about the 'business' in 'music business'. They fail to formulate a business plan, develop sales skills, and everything needed to launch a worldwide brand. I want to help them develop a strong foundation for a business they could run for the rest of their lives."

Willy Chill

Head of Digital Marketing | Artist Manager | Chillest Guy in the Industry

With experience ranging from every corner of the industry from event planning to artist development, Willy Chill has dove into the core ideas of what it means to be an artist and what it takes to be successful in the modern music industry. Stemming from a love of everything numbers and data, Willy has spent years studying companies, labels, and independent musicians and how they specifically run their digital marketing campaigns.

As Artist Collective's Head of Digital Marketing, he has mastered the strategies that will take musicians to a new level of success, creating avenues for new lifelong superfans and revenue streams.

Amar Sharma

Artistpreneur Success Coach | Studio Owner |Multi-instrumentalist

Amar Dev Sharma, is a seasoned musician and entrepreneur, with a diverse background, including a venture in the digital marketing realm, he navigates the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, offering hands-on expertise to his clients.

Amar is a multi-instrumentalist with a Music Industry Management degree and a diploma in Contemporary Music Performance, he honed his craft in London's dynamic jazz scene and across the UK in a hard rock band (which he also managed!), along with the founder of a rehearsal, recording, and educational complex; Overdrive Studios (Spain).

Leonard Patterson

Content Marketing Lead | Indie Band Coach | Speaker | Author

Leonard Patterson is a certified content marketer, coach, and indie artist advocate! He helps entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians share their stories, connect with their fans, and turn their ideas into income. Leonard's book, 365 Livestream Ideas for Musicians, is a practical guide for anyone wanting to create engaging live video.

Leonard’s music career spans 25 years with roles that include front-man for a 6-figure party band, booking agent with 1000’s of shows under his belt, and topline songwriter with credits in film, tv and Billboard. His ideas and blogs have been featured in Livestreaming Pros, Social Media Today, Hypebot, Gigmor and BandsinTown for Artists, Beatstars, Music Biz Weekly, and a host of other music industry publications and podcasts.