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The One Content Marketing Tool Every Musician Needs {by @ac_leonardp}

Guest post By Grace Windheim @ Kapwing

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Grace over the past couple of months. I use the software almost daily for my own content and for clients as well. I'm thrilled to have Grace share some of the cool things Kapwing can do for artists!
- Leonard (@ac_leonardp)

You make awesome music. You host fun livestreams. You share great content. Now you need to get the word out. 

But with so many social media platforms out there, creating content to promote your music can be a tiring process as you jump between making static image posts, short-form promo videos, longer YouTube videos, graphics for livestreams, posters, video thumbnails...the list seems endless. 

However, you no longer need different software to complete every task – Kapwing can do it all.

Kapwing is an online software that helps you make modern content in as few clicks as possible, and you can get started for free. You can make everything from videos to GIFs...

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How to List Your Virtual Events on Spotify {by @Willy_Chill}

Covid has caused all kinds of turmoil within the entertainment industry leading to live events postponed until at least 2021! But in the wake of live events being canceled live-streaming has taken over the internet to replace the dearly missed concerts. I can first hand feel the struggle of wanting to gather with my friends with a few drinks and scream the words of my favorite artist's songs with them while they're on stage... Live-streams have helped ease my pain (although my roommate probably doesn't appreciate all my singing haha)!

BUT there is good news from Spotify to help build live-stream audiences even bigger for artists! Spotify just inked a deal with Songkick to integrate live-stream events on artist's profiles!

With the integration, Spotify is tiptoeing into live streaming, which has boomed in popularity as a replacement for concerts after lockdowns were imposed across much of the world. With concert halls shut and major tours on hold until at least next year, stars such...

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Facebook's [not new] Music Guidelines - What Artists Need to Know {by @AC_LeonardP}


If you’ve been keeping track, there have been countless articles published across the web leading us to believe that Facebook has “new” music guidelines going into effect on Oct. 1st that -- among other things -- would start “banning music in livestreams.”

As someone who’s seen and personally visited Facebook jail before, let me assure you - these updates are. not. new. 

Their music guidelines have not changed; nor will they on October 1st.

This article will take a deep dive into the updates and help you determine if your content strategy may need to change.

++ How to Find Your Super Fans Using Digital Marketing

A Quick Music Guideline Timeline for Facebook

Here’s a timeline of Facebook’s Music Guidelines and what you need to know.

2018 - United States legislation signed into law The Music Modernization Act aimed...

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How to Find Your Super Fans Using Digital Marketing {by @Willy_Chill}


YOOOO, good to meet y'all! I’m Willy Chill. Some people refer to me as the chillest dude in the industry, but really I’m just a huge data and numbers guy that keeps his cool under pressure! Willy is just fine though :) Reach out to @Willy_Chill if y'all have any questions too!

What've Been Learning..

I’ve been taking my time over all these lockdowns and all the craziness to really center in and provide as much value I could for those out there looking for it! I feel like now is the time to step up and be the best you can (even more so in the music industry). So while everyone else might be sitting on the couch on an extended vacation… we can get ahead and stay ahead together!

As we move into August, I'll be jumping into the Artist Collective community with some heavier topics around digital marketing and strategies to make your already stretched thin dollar go further. We’ll cover topics surrounding how fans move from not having any idea who you might...

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“How Many People Can You Bring?” - The Discord Between Musicians & The Hospitality Industry {by Chris Davis}

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2020

“How Many People Can You Bring?” 

Written by Chris Davis, Head of Operations & Growth of CountN, Artist Manager, Musician, Berklee Graduate

Anyone who has played local bars, restaurants, breweries etc. has encountered this question. This question typically elicits an eye roll and a number fabricated out of thin air by the musician. Often times the musician has a ticketed show coming up at a sizable venue and has no incentive to bring fans out to a $150 bar gig to hear a crowd-pleasing cover of "Sweet Caroline". Here lies the discord: The owner of the “venue” views music as a way to bring new customers into the bar. The assumption is if the musician can bring 10-20 people through the door, the bar will sell more drinks and the increased revenue will cover the small sum of having music, and provide a more profitable night. In reality, the career musician plays these gigs to put food on the table and pay rent. They have bigger and better gigs...

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Collective Announcement - May Industry Chats Topic: "Foundations of Social Media For Musicians" (by @AC_Vinnie}


It's your buddy, @ac_vinnie again, ya'll! I couldn't be more excited to host May's Industry Chats! We're getting back to the basics to make sure we can smash through the light at the end of the tunnel sprinting!

The world is different! The industry is different! I hope you’re staying healthy, happy, and positive because, with last month’s mention on, we couldn’t be more excited to roll out our new topic!


Why do we have monthly topics?

We want to give our members the structure they're craving to funnel brilliance into a successful career and growing paycheck! This way, we can attack the topics in real-time according to the shifts in the industry. A perfect example was our 7-Day Lockdown Series that got the attention of countless publications.


May will be hosted by yours truly! If we haven't met, I'm a Co-Owner of Artist Collective, an ex-booking agent, and a current alumnus of American Idol XV riding that wave to an amazing career!...

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The Plight of Livestreaming as a Live Musician (And How To Crush It!) {Featuring Jay Dibella}

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

It's a very strange time for musicians right now. Some folks, like myself, rely on live performances in countless ways. It's the only time I see my friends, or I feel like myself. It's the time when I shine and get to make folks happy and find my purpose. In so many ways, musicians are being cornered into a virtual world that so many of us oppose at our core. We don't want an empty room and a cold experience. We miss the comradery, the drinks, the social aspect, the energy, the exchange, the connection!

As the lockdowns get extended all over the country, the future of live events is unsure. Tensions are high, creatives are terrified and many artists are left without any traditional government assistance to help them.

An artist in my very own neighborhood sent me this note below, hoping to make sure that the locals in our County understand how awkward and foreign this live streaming process has been for so many artists. He not only reminds the public of this, but urges them to...

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Spotify enables "Artist Fundraising Pick" to receive direct support from fans via CashApp,PayPal.Me

Do you need extra support from your fans during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Well, now Spotify has enabled the ‘Artist Fundraising Pick’ which allows fans to donate a certain amount of money to support you through PayPal.Me or CashApp.

So while your fans are streaming your music, they can easily push a button and instantly send you funds to help support you even further! Some artists are taking those funds and donating to a fundraiser, or you can use it to help support your own career.



Spotify stated in a blog post: " “Given the urgency and impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we’re working as quickly as we can to develop this new product and get it out to as many artists as possible. However, we’ve never built a fundraising feature like this before. We consider this a first version that will evolve as we learn how to make it as helpful as possible for the music community.”


This is a great way to provide an actionable...

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4 Reasons Lüm Is The Best Music Discovery App On The Market

ac blog app blog lum Apr 20, 2020

Full-time musicians barely have time to post as often as they'd like, let alone invest in a new will-they won't-they platform. There seems to be a new networking site or developmental app or program that is going to shake the industry to its core they all too often fall short of their sales pitch. By the time most users have invested the time to create an account, try to get engaged with the inner culture and communities and relocate some of their fans to a platform, all the users involved are usually 'over it'. 

However, have no fear, there is a new app that is truly all it says and more!

I have found the next music app that I think WILL explode in 2020! The app is called Lüm and Artist Collective was lucky enough to have their Director of Artist Relations, Endre Krumholz represent it as our guest of last week's Industry Chat. We did a deep-dive into the amazing features on Lum and he explained in detail just why it is the best music discovery app...

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5 Amazing Reasons To Use Text Message Marketing As A Musician

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2020

You see it from the highest level of celebrity to the most inaccessible public speakers and now it is time for you to learn why you should be doing it, too! I'm talking about text message marketing.


If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, text message marketing is the act of sending coupons, special deals, announcements, current events, and other information to your customers via text message. Most commonly, this is done through an app or desktop program as most devices aren’t built to do this with function with group organization or discretion by default.

(*Read to the end to see our recommended app selection with a special offer!)

At Artist Collective, we’ve found that the most effective way to engage with your fans is through meaningful relationship building exchanges. These types of connections are invaluable and the foundation on which any type of notoriety is built. As you invest fans deeper and deeper into your art,...

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