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Music Educators: 5 Powerful A.I. Tools to Enhance (Not Replace) Your Job

July 15, 20234 min read

It goes without saying, but any change can be scary.

Let alone adding in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to the mix – it may seem like music and music education is doomed and that we’re just waiting for SkyNet to come online.

But the truth is, we have control of how and when A.I. impacts our jobs if we lean into it and don’t ignore it thinking “this too shall pass.”

That’s why I wanted to gather a list of A.I. tools that you can use to enhance your instruction, courses, and lessons. These tools offer innovative solutions for instructional tasks, organization, file sharing, and student feedback, ultimately enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

My hope is that at least one of these tools inspires you or better yet helps you continue sharing your gifts and passions with others. In fact, we might even be moving past the “nice to know” stage and more so approaching “must-have” status. 

Here’s why:

A recent study shows that 50% of students quit music lessons and music-related activities by the time they are 17, suggesting that knowing and learning an instrument is not enough. Students also need to enjoy playing an instrument for this skill to be sustainable. (Unite.AI)

5 Powerful A.I. Tools for Music Educators

For each tool, there will be a brief description, a problem it solves, and if there is a free version in which you can experiment.

1. is an AI-powered music education platform for interactive lessons, exercises, and assessments. Tailored for busy educators with packed schedules, this tool could work well with your instruction.

IA tool for music educator

How can this help? Allows your students to play-along live to its lesson suite that uses well known songs as a foundation of its learning strategies.

Pricing: FREE with premium content available

2. Chordify

Chrodify is an AI-based chord recognition tool that generates chords from audio or YouTube videos. Even being a part of a band, I can see so many uses for this!


How can this help? Helps teachers (and students) identify and learn chords in songs by analyzing audio or video sources. This could be really beneficial for those hard-to-find chord charts to classic or even newer songs.

Pricing: FREE version with premium plan available

3. Soundslice

A powerful platform for music educators that helps you sync music notation with video lessons!


How can this help? Enables teachers to create interactive music lessons by combining notation and video. Imagine creating interactive playback and practice for your virtual students!

Pricing: FREE version with multiple plans


4. EarMaster

If improving your clients’ music listening and transcription skills are part of your curriculum (or you’re realizing they should be), definitely check out this AI-driven ear training software!


How does it help? EarMaster can help you enhance your students' aural skills through personalized exercises and feedback.

Pricing: FREE trial with multiple subscription options

Also had to mention this free tool also available on the site: 

Interval Song Chart Generator

5. Teachmint

Teachmint is an online teaching platform that uses AI to help teachers deliver better lessons and students learn more effectively. Just think about housing all of your lesson content in one place with detailed reports on progress and immediate feedback.


Here’s a more detailed look at some of the ways that Teachmint uses artificial intelligence (and how you can too)...

  • Personalized recommendations: Teachmint uses AI to recommend content and resources to students based on their interests and learning style. This helps students to stay engaged and motivated.

  • Automatic grading: Teachmint can automatically grade quizzes and assignments, freeing up teachers' time so they can focus on other tasks.

  • Real-time feedback: Teachmint can provide students with real-time feedback on their work, helping them to identify and correct errors.

  • Adaptive learning: Teachmint can adapt lessons to each student's individual needs, ensuring that everyone is learning at the right level.

How can this help? 

Use facial recognition to automatically track student attendance, AI-driven chatbots to answer student questions and provide support.

Pricing: FREE (Basic) level available up to 100 students

And this list just scratches the surface of opportunities available to music educators, instructors, and teachers. By leveraging AI tools, you can offer interactive and gamified learning experiences that captivate your students' interest and help make their learning fun and sustainable.

Summary: “Resistance Is Futile”

All right, I just couldn’t resist incorporating another movie-inspired reference.

It may be a little dramatic, but the truth is that AI is becoming more and more prevalent in the music education space. While some people may be worried that it will replace music teachers, the reality is that AI can actually be a powerful tool to help music educators teach more effectively.

In this blog post, I've rounded up 5 music-education inspired AI tools that music teachers can use to enhance their instruction, courses, and lessons. Let this list inspire you – not threaten you – to explore how you can use AI to improve your music education business.

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