Get PAID to Write Custom Songs

Just in case you thought the only way to earn a living from your music was streams...

You need to read on and watch this video.

If you love writing original music, but are frustrated with the fractions of pennies you'd get from fans streaming online, you should seriously think about Songfinch.

#Songfinch is an awesome website that uses independent artists to help individuals, companies, and brands give the gift of a #customsong!

Artist Collective has partnered with Songfinch to match up talented songwriters and performers that are able to submit fun, short, quality songs and jingles for their 1000's of paying members.

In this video, find out how you can get started getting PAID to write custom, short, fun songs! Get Started Writing Fun Custom Songs (Sign Up Now)

What's covered in this video

  • 1:15 Are jingles still used in commercials?
  • 2:00 What is Songfinch?
  • 2:49 How Songfinch works
  • 4:18 How do songwriters benefit (get paid)
  • 5:00 Get out of your songwriting comfort zone
  • ...
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How This Songwriter Made $10k in 30 Days

Be honest -- Is this you?

Are you still trying "break into the business"?

Still chasing streams and vanity metrics so you can share your success?

Hopefully this week's video will help show you a different path.

Here's the thing, while a lot of artists are focused on "breaking into the music business", they've probably got a business already.

Let's take some time to sidestep the streaming discussion and focus on what we call your monetizable creative skillset (MCS)!

This week's video by Evan Price shows you exactly how a client of ours, a songwriting coach makes $10k a month!

He dialed in on his 'particular set of skills to build a business AROUND his music and songwriting (and has since gone full time).

"How A Songwriter Made $10,000 in 1 Month" includes...

1. Identify your creative skillset (how you are going to transform people's lives)

2. Define your ideal audience/clientele (exactly how you are helping them)

3. Value it at a luxury price point (what it's worth...

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Songwriter Pages on Spotify

Spotify officially releases their BETA for Songwriter pages. This is a new way for creatives to showcase their works even if they aren't releasing it on their Artist pages.


A New Era for Songwriters 

I truly believe that this is the beginning of the uprising of songwriters. Just as Producers have recently come out of the shadows and presented themselves as their own artists, ( DJ Khaled, Dr. Dre, etc), the same might start to happen for songwriters.

This new platform on Spotify will allow songwriters who aren't artists an opportunity to create real-estate on Spotify. This will grow credibility and hopefully a fanbase.


Any artist who is also a songwriter should absolutely apply for one of these pages!



You can showcase your recent collaborations



Spotify will create a "Written By" playlist!



Get weekly strategies & trainings on the music business 


Request a Songwriter Page

Right now you can apply to get...

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