How To Make Sure Your New Music Release is Successful.

Alright, imagine something with me here. ...

You spend months writing and recording your newest song.

You spend tons of money on the best studio with the best producer.

You get a top-notch mixing & mastering engineer to make it sound crispy.

And maybe even hire a dope artist to feature on it.

Then, you get an incredible local artist to whip up some artwork so that the single really pops.

And finally, after months (maybe even years) of creating you are ready to release it. And what happens?...

You just release it. No planning. No marketing budget. No promotional plan at all. Then it doesn't do well and you become frustrated and discouraged saying things like "all this hard work for nothing".

Does this sound too familiar? If so, you are definitely not alone. Every single artist I have ever worked with has had this problem (even my own band).

So what is the disconnect? Maybe its fatigue from the creation process and you just want to "get it out there", or it's fear of...

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{📲 Virtual Manager} - Spend Money to Make Money


Spend Money to Make Money 

You probably find yourself turning down quite a few opportunities due to it having an upfront cost like submission fees for festivals or shows or consideration fees for write-ups or playlists. I get it, this industry is known for scams and artists get taken advantage of often.

But you should understand the importance of taking risks every now and then. For instance, any kind of costs in relation to collecting your royalties should be #1!

Songtrust - - - 

Songtrust is a Publishing Administrator that collects publishing royalties for songwriters & publishers. And for most of you reading this, this includes YOU!

Even if you are signed up with a PRO like BMI or ASCAP as a songwriter & your own publishing company...... Songtrust can still collect worldwide royalties that your PRO doesn't. It's only $100 per year to ensure your publishing royalties are taken care of.

Sign up for Songtrust here...

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