Get PAID to Write Custom Songs

Just in case you thought the only way to earn a living from your music was streams...

You need to read on and watch this video.

If you love writing original music, but are frustrated with the fractions of pennies you'd get from fans streaming online, you should seriously think about Songfinch.

#Songfinch is an awesome website that uses independent artists to help individuals, companies, and brands give the gift of a #customsong!

Artist Collective has partnered with Songfinch to match up talented songwriters and performers that are able to submit fun, short, quality songs and jingles for their 1000's of paying members.

In this video, find out how you can get started getting PAID to write custom, short, fun songs! Get Started Writing Fun Custom Songs (Sign Up Now)

What's covered in this video

  • 1:15 Are jingles still used in commercials?
  • 2:00 What is Songfinch?
  • 2:49 How Songfinch works
  • 4:18 How do songwriters benefit (get paid)
  • 5:00 Get out of your songwriting comfort zone
  • ...
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5 Ways to Make Money on the Road

 Does the term "touring musician" seem like a term we'd almost never hear again?

Are you ready to hit the road?

Have you been looking at this year and (finally) asking yourself - how do musicians make money on tour?

The good news is that (once again) things are starting to ease a little in some areas so if festivals and touring might be in your 2022 plans, this week's video is for you.

Our Artist Collective co-owner Vinnie Hines is a seasoned pro when it comes to gigs and touring!

He just dropped a new video on our YouTube Channel to help YOU get the drop to make extra music money on the road (btw, great tips even when you're not on the road)!

Watch the video now and get ready to take a few notes along the way. 

  • 0:09 How to secure brand ambassador gigs
  • 2:02 Flipping gear on Facebook Marketplace
  • 3:27 Street performing/busking tips
  • 4:23 Leveraging social media local influencers
  • 5:39 Long-term equity on the road
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Using Fan Subscriptions to Monetize Your Music


In case you haven’t found a website you love, I highly recommend diving into Bandzoogle. It’s a website builder I’ve used for over a decade for my own bands and for several clients of mine. 

Bandzoogle is by musicians, for musicians which is why they make it extremely easy to build a stunning, revenue-ready website and store in minutes.

Music Revenue During Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, like a lot of other nimble companies, Bandzoogle has found a way to pivot and adapt its features and tools to benefit artists. Here’s the thing, they could’ve very easily raised their monthly website fees or implemented small commissions on sales to compensate for that effort.

But they didn’t. And not only that, musicians are making even more money now than ever before.

In a recent blog post, Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bradford...

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{📲 Virtual Manager} - Spend Money to Make Money


Spend Money to Make Money 

You probably find yourself turning down quite a few opportunities due to it having an upfront cost like submission fees for festivals or shows or consideration fees for write-ups or playlists. I get it, this industry is known for scams and artists get taken advantage of often.

But you should understand the importance of taking risks every now and then. For instance, any kind of costs in relation to collecting your royalties should be #1!

Songtrust - - - 

Songtrust is a Publishing Administrator that collects publishing royalties for songwriters & publishers. And for most of you reading this, this includes YOU!

Even if you are signed up with a PRO like BMI or ASCAP as a songwriter & your own publishing company...... Songtrust can still collect worldwide royalties that your PRO doesn't. It's only $100 per year to ensure your publishing royalties are taken care of.

Sign up for Songtrust here...

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