Is LaunchTV The Key to Monetized Livestream Concerts? MICPodcast S2E4 Recap

Another instance of music’s impossible question; How can we do the live music industry justice in the current pandemic landscape? Brian Stollery from Launch has some ideas.

Last week we met with Brian Stollery, current co-founder of Launch.TV, to chat about his new venture, live-music solutions, and the future of virtual events. 

(Could be more here maybe?)

Here’s what you need to know:


The Problem with Current Streaming Services

As with a majority of live streaming hosting sites and events, the artist remains undercut. Brian and Vinnie discuss how while it’s seemingly cheap to conduct a livestream, (think Instagram, Twitch, YouTube) the winner still falls in the hosting platform for payout. 

So what can artists do if they want to remove the middleman? Between cloud computing, encoding, and other technical logistic costs, options are limited. 

As Brian describes it, “Artists just want to show up and play.” For the average musician...

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How to Make Music Marketing a Walk in the Park

YOOO... It's Willy Chill!!

I just got back from a very NOT chill road trip across the country from Chicago to Colorado, Colorado to the Grand Canyon, then, of course, the canyon back to Chicago!! By far one of the most dangerous and challenging endeavors I've ever experienced in my life so far!

BUT... Vinnie also told a riveting story about Hennessy this week too on the MIC podcast!

You'll have to be the judge of which was better from the episode... 
- Spotify
- YouTube
Apple Podcasts

But naturally, Vinne got this incredible story out of me about how I hiked to the highest natural hot spring in North America (up 13,000ft) and spent 4 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (down 7,000ft) all in less than a week..... what a way to start the Music Industry Chat (MIC) podcast this past week!

But outside of all the lovely vacation stories, we also chatted at length about some really interesting digital advertising strategies we've been working to create and test inside the Artist...

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