What do musicians do after Coronavirus?

lockdown Apr 02, 2020

ENTERTAINMENT LOCKDOWN - What do musicians do after Coronavirus?


Musicians are lost right now. A lot of people are lost, but especially creatives that live and die by connecting to a crowd. This writer feels the same way many do, wondering if his career of ten years as a full-time musician has come to a grinding halt.

And to be honest, a couple of weeks into this new pandemic culture, the real answer is that NOBODY KNOWS.


It’s a huge question: Where does the music industry go now?


In the midst of Coronavirus’ global outbreak, 90% of Artist Collective’s business, which was based in booking was wiped out nearly overnight. Contracts were shredded, events canceled, and many of our artists were looking at bills going unpaid. Panicked, taken by surprise and eager to help the artists that felt as abandoned as us, the owners at Artist Collective came up with an idea.


What if we put together a virtual panel of industry experts from around the...

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Entertainment Lockdown - Live Music Industry Chats


Entertainment is officially on lockdown! With most states canceling gigs, tours are dropping, and restaurants and bars are now completely closed. A lot of you are out of music work & side work as bartenders or servers.

Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune about a recent announcement for Illinois residents. A state lockdown. And I know many other states are experiencing this already.

How will this lockdown affect the music industry? Is this going to shift consumer behavior? And what steps are you taking to further your brand?


The end of this quarantine seems to be unknown, so it is important to get a grasp of how the industry will shift.

During this next week, instead of binge-watching Netflix, panicking over the news, and procrastinating your music career join our 7-day live Music Industry Chats called "Entertainment LockdownThe live streams will occur every day at 12:00 pm CST between 3/22 - 3/28.

You can RSVP for this live event for free...

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