Launch Your Livestream TODAY (Here's Why)

Going live is NOT going away.

In fact, now that the "Great Lockdown Livestream Era" has calmed down, now just might be the BEST time to launch your livestream.

It's a proven fact that it's one of the best ways to connect with an audience just short of an actual in-person show. The benefit of going live of course is the low overhead cost. You really just need wifi and a reason and you're good to go.

You're just one idea away from launching an engaging experience for your fans that allows them to support you. You just have to start.

Want to see why NOW is probably the BEST time to start your recurring livestream?

Check out this video interview with Dame Ritter of Music Entrepreneur Club / BeatStars.

Dame asked some great questions that we cover in the video like...

  • What's the best use of livestreaming as a new artist?
  • Is it important to go live at the same day or time?

Watch now! 

Need ideas? Grab my book 365 Livestream Ideas for Musicians.

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10 Ideas for Behind-The-Scenes Livestreams

It’s no secret that livestreaming has gone mainstream. Some of the biggest names in every industry have developed new technologies, changed their focus, and created new opportunities along the way.

For musicians, now that live music is on the horizon in several markets, that means looking at livestreams less like an alternative to live shows and more like an addition to them. And it’s already begun.

In a recent article from USA Today, Live Nation purchased livestream platform Veeps in January and have just recently begun installing livestream technology in more than 60 venues across the U.S. so far. Selected venues are regular tour stops, and any artist performing at one of them can basically flip a switch to livestream the gig, say when the event sells out. Performers can deliver backstage access and front-row viewing angles, the companies said.

What kind of exclusive access can indie artists provide?

Chances are we might not be playing huge Live Nation venues on a...

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7 Easy Livestream Ideas for Musicians

Each week AC Leonard dives into content tools and tips to help you create a profitable music brand! Join him each Saturday for #ContentAndCoffee exclusively on our YouTube Channel.

THIS EPISODE: Livestream content ideas and live video tips from his new book 365 Livestream Ideas for Musicians!

Content ideas, let alone livestream ones, can be difficult to come by especially on a recurring basis. If this is an issue for you or you're just looking for a way to get started, check out the examples in this video!

Here's a quick rundown of the livestream ideas discussed, along with a clickable timestamp if you want to jump straight to one that piques your curiosity! 

04:18 Livestream Ideas for Musicians
08:23 Weekly Themed Livestreams on Facebook (Mel Senese)
11:15 Late Night Talk Show on Twitch (Rico Lewis)
13:05 Musician Interview Show on Facebook (Dee Rivers)
14:17 Virtual Open Mics on Facebook, Instagram (Fifth Star Band, Soul Motif)
15:50 Music Industry Interviews on Instagram...

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The One Content Marketing Tool Every Musician Needs {by @ac_leonardp}

Guest post By Grace Windheim @ Kapwing

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Grace over the past couple of months. I use the software almost daily for my own content and for clients as well. I'm thrilled to have Grace share some of the cool things Kapwing can do for artists!
- Leonard (@ac_leonardp)

You make awesome music. You host fun livestreams. You share great content. Now you need to get the word out. 

But with so many social media platforms out there, creating content to promote your music can be a tiring process as you jump between making static image posts, short-form promo videos, longer YouTube videos, graphics for livestreams, posters, video thumbnails...the list seems endless. 

However, you no longer need different software to complete every task – Kapwing can do it all.

Kapwing is an online software that helps you make modern content in as few clicks as possible, and you can get started for free. You can make everything from videos to GIFs...

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How to List Your Virtual Events on Spotify

Covid has caused all kinds of turmoil within the entertainment industry leading to live events postponed until at least 2021! But in the wake of live events being canceled live-streaming has taken over the internet to replace the dearly missed concerts. I can first hand feel the struggle of wanting to gather with my friends with a few drinks and scream the words of my favorite artist's songs with them while they're on stage... Live-streams have helped ease my pain (although my roommate probably doesn't appreciate all my singing haha)!

BUT there is good news from Spotify to help build live-stream audiences even bigger for artists! Spotify just inked a deal with Songkick to integrate live-stream events on artist's profiles!

With the integration, Spotify is tiptoeing into live streaming, which has boomed in popularity as a replacement for concerts after lockdowns were imposed across much of the world. With concert halls shut and major tours on hold until at least next year, stars such...

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Facebook's [not new] Music Guidelines - What Artists Need to Know {by @AC_LeonardP}


If you’ve been keeping track, there have been countless articles published across the web leading us to believe that Facebook has “new” music guidelines going into effect on Oct. 1st that -- among other things -- would start “banning music in livestreams.”

As someone who’s seen and personally visited Facebook jail before, let me assure you - these updates are. not. new. 

Their music guidelines have not changed; nor will they on October 1st.

This article will take a deep dive into the updates and help you determine if your content strategy may need to change.

++ How to Find Your Super Fans Using Digital Marketing

A Quick Music Guideline Timeline for Facebook

Here’s a timeline of Facebook’s Music Guidelines and what you need to know.

2018 - United States legislation signed into law The Music Modernization Act aimed...

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