Spotify, Distrokid and Fake Streams: Why Your Song Got Removed

Hey, ya'll! I figured it was time for a quick PSA about Distrokid and what's going on about Spotify and the takedown of 1,000's of songs...

It seems like everyone's been asking "what happened", "Who's in charge here"! Don't worry... this short and sweet post should clear any bit of confusion up real quick for ya... (no promises it'll make you feel good about it all though)! 

So over the last few days (starting at the beginning of the year (2021) Spotify removed about 750,000 songs from its platform. At first many began blaming Distrokid for the takedowns, but I believe this was only because Distrokid artists may have been hit by the takedowns first (remember Spotify has a small stake in Distrokid)! But over the course of a few days, other distributors also saw the sting of takedowns occurring with their artists as well... meaning it wasn't Distrokid that ordered the takedowns... it was Spotify themselves! 


So what happened?

If you're a modern-day musician or artist...

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