How to Add Your Lyrics to Spotify in 4 Easy Steps (MusixMatch Update)

What are real-time lyrics and how can you make them available on Spotify?

  • If you have not put your music through a platform called Musixmatch, now is the time to do it! 

Spotify just announced their official partnership with Musixmatch to help provide a new feature called “real-time lyrics”. 

What that means is your fans while they're listening to their favorite song of yours can actually read the lyrics and follow along in real-time! 

How do you get them synced? Check out this video on the Artist Collective YouTube Channel and let’s build a profitable music brand!

In this video we cover the basic steps...

  1. How to verify yourself on Musixmatch at
  2. Once approved download musixmatch app (for easy syncing)
  3. Upload your lyrics and sync them inside the Musixmatch app see my YT video for full instructions ->
  4. Approve your lyrics and wait for them to be added to Instagram stories...
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The Artist Collective Branding Method for Music Business

announcement branding Oct 05, 2020

This month we are focusing on music branding within Artist Collective. I am walking members through the creation of their own 'Artist Branding Guide' to give their branding a framework.

I see branding as much more than logos and color schemes. When I see successful brands, I see deep connections and understanding of their customers. They connect with them through values and passions before products and flash.

Artist usually miss this mark because they are too focused on that sizzle. Instead of taking time to be introspective and figuring out the "why" behind the brand, they go straight to wanting the fans but don't know how to talk to them directly. Huge disconnect.



Through the years I have worked with dozens of music companies to help them craft a brand that stays true to them and also attracts more super fans. Though the messages were all different, the formula was the same. We always went through the same 6 steps to find the perfect blend of message,...

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No more wasting money on things you don't need. Use this method to build a strong foundation for your music brand.