Case Study: How a $45 video ad generated $1000 profit

We're probably not the first ones to mention this, but one of the BEST ways to maximize your reach is Facebook and Instagram ads.

But what you may not know is how much MORE effective your ads will be if you already have an engaged fanbase.

That's exactly the scenario Willy Chill breaks down in this video working with one of our clients.

He specifically walks an example of how we generated $1,000 from a $45 ad.

The more engaged your following already is, the less "work" the ads have to do on their own (which means your cost will go down).

With that in mind, let's take a look at how one of our artists created an awesome line of merch, a killer weekly livestream, AND an offer around it!

What's outlined in this video

  • 02:11 - Analyze Your Audience
  • 02:54 - Generating Interest From Audience
  • 03:34 - Build an Offer
  • 05:16 - Craft a Compelling Ad 

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Managing Your Music Career Like It's 'Plan A'

Ever wonder why the majority of artists don't make it?

So many just don't take the industry seriously enough.

Always one foot in and one foot out. They may say one thing, but their actions say a completely different thing. 

You're treating your music (and your music business) like it's on the backburner; like it's definitely Plan B!

Here's the thing...

It doesn't have to happen overnight, but ultimately, as an artist you have to build into growing towards a team. Without the creative vision and dedication it takes to build a creative empire, there's no way it could ever work and be sustainable...

but again that doesn't have to happen overnight.

Grow to building out your brand, take the first steps towards creating consistently, look around in your ecosystem and see if there is an offer... then start scaling.

But you have to be honest with yourself, in order to get real growth.

Here are some things to consider when developing a strategy and sticking to it (which is the key...

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5 Captions Guaranteed to Stop Your Fans from Scrolling

Curious about how to make your fans click on your videos?

One of the most important pieces when posting anything to your fans is the way you say something!

Your fans consume soo much content every day!

So we need to dial into the subconscious sometimes when talking to new fans and sometimes those that are sitting on the fence for our offers!

Our Head of Marketing Willy Chill shares 5 main captions (headline) topics he follows for Artist Collective videos and our clients' videos that drive engagement, views, followers, subscribers, and most importantly ROI!

  • First caption group 2:00
  • Second caption group 3:30
  • Third caption group 5:10
  • Fourth caption group 6:40
  • Fifth caption group 9:00

How do you normally caption or headline your videos? Lemme know in the comments!


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How to Make Music Marketing a Walk in the Park

YOOO... It's Willy Chill!!

I just got back from a very NOT chill road trip across the country from Chicago to Colorado, Colorado to the Grand Canyon, then, of course, the canyon back to Chicago!! By far one of the most dangerous and challenging endeavors I've ever experienced in my life so far!

BUT... Vinnie also told a riveting story about Hennessy this week too on the MIC podcast!

You'll have to be the judge of which was better from the episode... 
- Spotify
- YouTube
Apple Podcasts

But naturally, Vinne got this incredible story out of me about how I hiked to the highest natural hot spring in North America (up 13,000ft) and spent 4 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (down 7,000ft) all in less than a week..... what a way to start the Music Industry Chat (MIC) podcast this past week!

But outside of all the lovely vacation stories, we also chatted at length about some really interesting digital advertising strategies we've been working to create and test inside the Artist...

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How to Find Your Super Fans Using Digital Marketing {by @Willy_Chill}


YOOOO, good to meet y'all! I’m Willy Chill. Some people refer to me as the chillest dude in the industry, but really I’m just a huge data and numbers guy that keeps his cool under pressure! Willy is just fine though :) Reach out to @Willy_Chill if y'all have any questions too!

What've Been Learning..

I’ve been taking my time over all these lockdowns and all the craziness to really center in and provide as much value I could for those out there looking for it! I feel like now is the time to step up and be the best you can (even more so in the music industry). So while everyone else might be sitting on the couch on an extended vacation… we can get ahead and stay ahead together!

As we move into August, I'll be jumping into the Artist Collective community with some heavier topics around digital marketing and strategies to make your already stretched thin dollar go further. We’ll cover topics surrounding how fans move from not having any idea who you might...

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