4 Ways to Book More Gigs

  This month marks the 2-year point for the onset of the lockdown.

Nothing has been the same since March 2020, and honestly probably never will be.

But ONE thing is for sure, live music is making a (real) comeback this year and this video will 100% help you as you're starting to book more gigs, events, and festivals.

Vinnie is our seasoned gig specialist and music money expert that boasts a songlist of 700+ songs and a resume of more than 2,000 shows.

In our most recent video, he breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using booking sites just like these.

Watch "4 Ways to Book More Gigs" now to see how he manages leads, negotiates higher pay, and organizes all of these contacts through these 4 sites:

  • GigSalad
  • The Bash
  • Thumbtack
  • Airtable

Vinnie breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using these sites and more. Here's a quick menu of what he covers...

0:48 What do you need in your virtual EPK

1:20 How I made $13k a year on Gig Salad

2:30 Gig Salad tiers...

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5 Ways to Make Money on the Road

 Does the term "touring musician" seem like a term we'd almost never hear again?

Are you ready to hit the road?

Have you been looking at this year and (finally) asking yourself - how do musicians make money on tour?

The good news is that (once again) things are starting to ease a little in some areas so if festivals and touring might be in your 2022 plans, this week's video is for you.

Our Artist Collective co-owner Vinnie Hines is a seasoned pro when it comes to gigs and touring!

He just dropped a new video on our YouTube Channel to help YOU get the drop to make extra music money on the road (btw, great tips even when you're not on the road)!

Watch the video now and get ready to take a few notes along the way. 

  • 0:09 How to secure brand ambassador gigs
  • 2:02 Flipping gear on Facebook Marketplace
  • 3:27 Street performing/busking tips
  • 4:23 Leveraging social media local influencers
  • 5:39 Long-term equity on the road
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The Secret to Making Viral Videos in The Modern Music Industry ft. Steve Zilberman

Here's how to step up your (viral) video game!

Few guests have the resume that Steve Zilberman can boast.

His video views on combined projects alone have reached nearly 2 BILLION and he's not stopping any time soon.

Starting his career in a band touring the country, he noticed the potential for Youtubers to blow up when he started working with Cherdley's after a short series of documentaries. After taking the first six videos viral with Cherdley's, Steve began working with countless artists from Oliver Tree, Bria & Chrissy, and now, Benny Blanco and Bella Poarch.

His strategy is founded in A/B Testing and jumping into the trends with both feet while they're hot. He reveals so much of what has gifted his clients their success and urges folks to make multiple types of the same content with some TikTok cheat codes of sorts.

Tune in for more industry secrets about virality, the power of the meme, and other content tips.

As always, show our guest some love and be sure to follow him...

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What Booking Agents Won't Tell You About Booking Gigs | ft. Kyle Weber of Indie on The Move

Artists, musicians, bands -- Are you (finally) ready to hit the road? This episode is for you!

Kyle Weber of Indie On The Move is one of the most seasoned booking experts in the country!

In this episode of the MICPodcast, you'll get a clear vision of the booking landscape in 2021 and beyond with some great tactics to be seen!

Indie On The Move has guided thousands of musicians across the country to find bandmates, local showcases, and even piece together national tours using the super simple profile options. Not only have they created the largest live music venue database, but they regularly connect with the talent buyers and agents involved to make sure their contacts are regularly updated!

We've truly recommended this super affordable platform to countless artists and use it ourselves regularly. The college booking database and blog sections are also chocked full of valuable contacts and articles.

Even our CEO Evan Price booked his first national tour almost a decade ago...

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Welcome to The Brand New MICPodcast! ft. Your Host, Vinnie Hines of Artist Collective

CALLING ALL Music Artists, Producers, Singer/Songwriters, and everyone else in the music industry...

Welcome to the MICPodcast, the best podcast on the planet for developmental music brands.

At Artist Collective, we create profitable music businesses that attract lifelong superfans, and the first step in that journey is SUBSCRIBING!

Within just a few episodes, you'll get to hear from top-tier music biz professionals about their start in music, the reality of the modern industry, the strategies that got them where they are today, and how you can replicate their results on your own terms! You get all of this without the fear of 'false gurus' as we've hand-selected each guest based on their expertise and integrity, even giving you ways to add them to your network.

I'm your host Vinnie Hines and in this episode, we get reacquainted, checking in on the AC Team, the new Music Industry Entrepreneurs Facebook Page, and the exciting new Lifelong Superfan Program more than a dozen clients...

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How To Manage Your Music Career Finances (PT3): Credit Card Pitfalls for Indie Musicians

@ac_vinnie budget tere wang Nov 30, 2020

One of the most common concerns our consulting clients bring to us is debt repayment and managing their payments in the midst of growing their music business. This is most commonly caused by irresponsible Credit Card usage early in their lives and careers. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but for those musicians just getting started, credit cards can be a usefull tool and in some cases, necessary.

In Part 3 of this blog series, "How To Manage Your Music Career Finances" we explore Credit Cards and Indie Musicians. I'll point out three important things to consider when building credit using traditional credit cards. (Much more in-depth information can be found in Tere Wang's course Using A Budget To Build a Full-Time Music Career found in the Artist Collective Membership.)

 NOTE: If you haven't already read Part 1 & Part 2 of this series, be sure to do so before reading on by clicking HERE.

#1 - Building credit is KEY if you don't want to be dependent...

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How To Manage Your Music Career Finances (PT2): Create A Business Budget

@ac_vinnie budget Nov 27, 2020

Managing your music career finances might be the least exciting part of the business journey, but it's the core element that divides a professional from an amateur. Money makes the world go 'round and it's the fuel for your music machine, too!

But just because the task seems daunting doesn't mean that it has to be hard. The team at Artist Collective has made it easy for you, with Music Business Budget Templates available for download! All you have to do is become a member of Artist Collective on ArtistCollect.com

Login to your Dashboard and click 'Using a Budget to Build a Full-Time Music Career'. If you scroll down to Module 2, you'll see a LIVE Budget Walkthrough with Tere Wang and Vinnie Hines. In this video, you'll watch as a real finance coach analyzes and tracks the expenses of the typical twenty-something musician. 

This budget walkthrough identifies all expenses under the same umbrella. This means that your lifestyle expenses and business expenses are on the same...

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How To Manage Your Music Career Finances (PT1): Planning For Your Business Budget

At Artist Collective, we take in starry-eyed musicians with dreams of stardom and fame and we start the arduous process of demystifying while educating folks on the realities of the industry. One of the hardest topics to navigate without completely bumming folks out is FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and BUDGETING.

I'm sure some of ya'll already went cross-eyed just reading those words in all caps, but bear with me, because I truly believe that grabbing your finances by the neck like Homer Simpson is going to be the turning point for your careers. It definitely was for mine, and now, in my best year of DIY music, I made about $88k. And if we're being honest, that's fucking amazing considering I didn't even get past Hollywood Week of American Idol XV!

So in this 4 Part Series, I'm going to teach ya'll some introductory lessons that I learned from co-hosting with Personal Finance Coach Tere Wang during our November 2020 Monthly Topic: Using A Budget To Build A Full-Time Music Career


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How to Make Music Marketing a Walk in the Park

YOOO... It's Willy Chill!!

I just got back from a very NOT chill road trip across the country from Chicago to Colorado, Colorado to the Grand Canyon, then, of course, the canyon back to Chicago!! By far one of the most dangerous and challenging endeavors I've ever experienced in my life so far!

BUT... Vinnie also told a riveting story about Hennessy this week too on the MIC podcast!

You'll have to be the judge of which was better from the episode... 
- Spotify
- YouTube
Apple Podcasts

But naturally, Vinne got this incredible story out of me about how I hiked to the highest natural hot spring in North America (up 13,000ft) and spent 4 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (down 7,000ft) all in less than a week..... what a way to start the Music Industry Chat (MIC) podcast this past week!

But outside of all the lovely vacation stories, we also chatted at length about some really interesting digital advertising strategies we've been working to create and test inside the Artist...

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4 Tools to Increase Your Music Podcast Listeners

Hey everyone!

Long story short, I was writing a private email to my buddy Lenny Schmidt after being a guest on his podcast. I get a little raunchy and it's not musically educational unless you wanna hear the uncut story of my American Idol XV escapades. (If you're curious, listen here: https://youtu.be/RNNUIT6lYus

Anyways, as I was typing out the email to teach him a few techniques I've picked up about growing music podcast followings and I realized this was some stuff that everyone could use. So here we are! I've somewhat adapted the tools I recommended to my friend to the rest of you guys FREE OF CHARGE! Lol.

I've been lucky enough to have some amazing people on our Music Industry Chat Podcast that have told me about these tools and I personally use them religiously, now. If you've stumbled upon here and aren't a musician or artist, feel free to use the tips and then share the article to a few artists that could benefit! The mission is to get as many creatives...

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