How to Increase Your Spotify Streams with Your Own Playlist

There's a good chance if you're an artist on Spotify, you probably want more streams?

Good news -- CEO Evan Price uploaded an awesome video to our Youtube Channel recently breaking down how to Increase Your #SpotifyStreams with Your Own Playlist!

In this Spotify tutorial, Evan walks through how to #increasestreams to your music, but it's not about getting on other playlists, it's about building your own!

If your goals are to get more plays, grow your following, and start creating superfans, this video is your step-by-step guide.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the Youtube comments!

00:46 - Step 1- Choose A Vibe
03:10 - Step 2 - Name The Playlist
05:13 - Step 3 - Create Artwork
06:24 - Step 4 - Add Songs to Your Playlist
08:11- Step 5 - How to Promote it

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How to Get a Logo Created on Fiverr

@ac_evan Nov 04, 2020

When most think of "branding" they picture a logo. Though, I believe branding to be much more complex that just that, it is a key component.

So if you aren't a graphic designer then how can you get a logo without breaking the bank?

I have used to commissions logos for bands, companies, shows, festivals, and more.

You can choose a freelance creator from all over the world, multiple revisions, and they usually start at $5.00! In this video I will be showing you around Fiverr and give you some quick tips on what to look for when choosing the right creator for you and your project!


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Evan Price | @ac_evan



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