How to Find Your Super Fans Using Digital Marketing {by @Willy_Chill}


YOOOO, good to meet y'all! I’m Willy Chill. Some people refer to me as the chillest dude in the industry, but really I’m just a huge data and numbers guy that keeps his cool under pressure! Willy is just fine though :) Reach out to @Willy_Chill if y'all have any questions too!

What've Been Learning..

I’ve been taking my time over all these lockdowns and all the craziness to really center in and provide as much value I could for those out there looking for it! I feel like now is the time to step up and be the best you can (even more so in the music industry). So while everyone else might be sitting on the couch on an extended vacation… we can get ahead and stay ahead together!

As we move into August, I'll be jumping into the Artist Collective community with some heavier topics around digital marketing and strategies to make your already stretched thin dollar go further. We’ll cover topics surrounding how fans move from not having any idea who you might be into true SuperFans and how to retain them and engage with them specifically!

With over a decade of artist development, marketing and artist management experience, I’ve studied marketing plans of major corporations, record labels and independent musicians and found some common denominators that will absolutely level up any independent musician or artist with some special attention to detail!

So Much More Than a 'Boost'

Don’t get me wrong, there won’t be a “boost” button here for you to press, or a light switch to turn on for you to get results from what I’ll be teaching. What I will be teaching will be a long term way of looking at your career in the industry and planning to ensure success with the specific people who will care most about you and your content

So without further ado… This is what you can expect each week :)


Week 1 - Why Run Ads For My Music?

We’ll be opening up and talking about why we care in the first place and talking about why digital marketing should matter to the independent musician! We’ll also dig into the Facebook Business Manager for the first time and get familiar with all the tools inside and how to use a few of them!

Week 2 - The Super Fan Journey

We’ll begin breaking down the entire SuperFan Journey from an overhead perspective. The SuperFan Journey is the natural consumer journey that anyone makes from when they first hear about a product or brand to purchasing, and referring. THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS. Understanding the path that fans will take is beyond valuable, it’ll help you understand where someone might be in your ecosystem and how to establish a conversation with them and move them to the next level!

Week 3 - Let's Find Your Fans!

This is the real nitty gritty We’ll help you begin brainstorming ideas for ways for you to make your first introduction to new fans. We’ll go into how to create your first ads, as well as how to optimize them better than Facebook can on its own!


Week 4 -Building an Ecosystem.

This is where we begin talking about situations past the introduction. These will be your first full conversation pieces for you to advertise to your new audiences! We’ll go over how to move new fans into your ecosystem a little more and nudge them in a little closer to you! We’ll also dive into recurring content… what it is and how to really make the most of it for your career, along with how to follow up and get one of the more important pieces of the puzzle… the email address :)


What You Will Learn.

After we finish the month you will have a comprehensive understanding that’ll be much more evolved than many of the major record labels. You won’t be throwing money at stuff trying to see if it’ll work… You’ll be in a position to take control and begin bringing more people into your SuperFan Journey! I can’t wait to hear your success stories!

If you run into any trouble during the month of August or whenever really… Always feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] for a one-on-one consultation, I would love to be a part of your success :)



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