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Goal Setting for Creatives

July 30, 20233 min read

Creative artists are constantly juggling where they should put their focus to grow their career. Many have shared with me how overwhelmed they feel with all the silos they should be working on and how they end up doing nothing. 

If you are constantly thinking of the big picture you will feel helpless under the weight of all the tasks on your to do list; but what if you decided to build these various silos piece by piece.  

You might start by saying ‘ok in the next 3 months I’m gonna first start by building my mailing list.’ 

Once you make a decision regarding which area to focus on, everything you do should support that goal, Everything! 

Find those small goals, in a single lane, and double down in those few areas. Once you hit your first metric the next stage will be to analyze the data and decide whether or not to pivot your strategy if you are not seeing sufficient progress. 

A lot of times making progress in small areas of your career just involves visualizing what you want.  I am a whiteboard enthusiast.  I have at least 5 of them filled with goals, strategies, and current projects on my wall at any given time.  If you never set that goal, visualize it, or put it on a whiteboard it probably will never happen.  

It’s the law of attraction which some people have written off but over and over again I’ve seen it to be quite legit. 

In the digital age it becomes even more important to write down your goals to keep yourself accountable to your dreams.  Just the act of writing puts the ideas in your brain in a way that activates your subconscious to direct your daily decisions towards your desired end game. 

Goal setting is one of the most important parts of developing any creative endeavor. Whether you are an artist, writer, musician, or entrepreneur, setting goals can be the difference between success and failure. 


Here are 5 goal setting strategies that can help creatives reach their goals:

1. Break down big goals into smaller ones: For many creatives, the key to success is breaking down big goals into smaller, achievable objectives. This gives you a roadmap that you can follow and measure your progress along the way. It also helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand and helps you avoid being overwhelmed.

2. Set realistic goals: While it’s important to aim high and challenge yourself, setting unrealistic goals can be detrimental to your progress. Make sure to set goals that are achievable and provide you with a challenge, but don’t set goals that are too far off.

3. Set meaningful goals: When setting goals, make sure that they are meaningful to you and your creative work. This will help you stay motivated and inspired to keep working towards them.

4. Celebrate your successes: It is important to celebrate the successes you have along the way to keep you motivated and on track. Celebrations don’t have to be big, but recognizing your successes can help keep you motivated and determined to reach your goals.

5. Create a support system: Having a support system of people who believe in you and your work can make a huge difference in your success. Whether it’s friends, family, or mentors, having people who are there to encourage and support you can make a big difference.

My team and I work tirelessly to help artists turn their creativity into a sustainable business. We understand the importance of goal setting for creatives and strive to help our clients reach their goals.

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Evan Price

Founder & CEO of Artist Collective Artistpreneur Coach

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