The Artist Collective Team is made up of incredible artists turned educators that have developed unparalleled skills over their respective careers. We encourage our teachers to lean into their categories of expertise and their passions (just like our members)! The result has been a plethora of specialized courses and services aimed at radically transforming music careers!

Feel free to read through the educator biographies, watch the trailer for their featured course, and browse the options for consultation calls, guided courses, various programs, and long-term mentorship options.

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EVAN PRICE (@ac_evan)

Artist Collective is the brainchild of CEO and artist manager extraordinaire Evan Price. After 15 years in the industry, he has had firsthand experience in every corner of industry. Reinforcing that knowledge with a Bachelors Degree in Music Business from Columbia College Chicago, he offers his expertise through online trainings and handcrafted consultations. 

His mindful approach encourages artists to invest in personal branding, creating real fan connection, while focusing on collaboration rather than competition. Living that sentiment, he invites his impressive network to share their expertise through Industry Chats, giving independent artists access they could have only dreamed of!


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Chat about Branding, Distribution, Original Music Licensing, Collaboration, Studio Questions, Recording, PRO, BMI & ASCAP, How to Network, Platform Walkthroughs, Etc.

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How To Be Your Own Music Manager:

Managing your own career at the beginning is crucial for several reasons, and it's not as hard as you might think. In this series, I will breakdown the key competencies that are needed to be wildly successful DIY artist.

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Personal Branding Mentorship:

Over more than a decade of artist management and business development consultation, @ac_evan has created the ULTIMATE 90 Day Transformation for any type of original artist. Part self-discovery, part marketing genius, this course will radically change the way you see your personal brand.

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VINNIE HINES (@ac_vinnie)

Vinnie Hines is a “Music Maverick” of sorts, impressively maneuvering both sides of the music industry as a full-time musician and booking agent for more than a decade. From humble beginnings singing Midwestern bar gigs to more than 2,000 international performances and a ‘Golden Ticket’ on American Idol XV, he has built quite the following. In the midst of a thriving career, Vinnie became a Co-Owner of Artist Collective, dedicating his time to his passion of artist development as an educator and consultant. You can catch him playing acoustic one-man band shows along the Florida coastlines these days between sporadic tours, as living proof that music can be a lifelong career with the right guidance!


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Chat about Booking, Website Assistance, Gear Recommendations, Tour Tips, Demo Reels, Cruise Work, Reality TV Auditions, Songwriting, Becoming a Cover Artist, Acoustic Looping, Merchandising, Etc.

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Graphic Design Assistance:

As Curator of Artist Collective and a booking agent and talent buyer for years, Vinnie has the design eye to make your brand stand out for every social platform and site type. Designs include event templates, social media cover photos, Onesheets, logo design and more...

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Music Business Blueprint:

Vinnie has developed a 90-Day Program designed to create full-time Cover Artists ready to fuel their dreams with their bookings! There's simply nothing better than being able to dedicate your life to your craft and using your music commerce to pay for your art.

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"WILLY CHILL" (@willy_chill)

With experience ranging from every corner of the industry from event planning to artist development, Willy chill has dove into the core ideas of what it means to be an artist and what it takes to be successful in the modern music industry. Stemming from a love of everything numbers and data, Willy has spent the years studying companies, labels and independent musicians and how they specifically run their digital marketing campaigns. 


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Chat about Digital Marketing, Content Topics, Video Headlines, Customer Psychology, Ad Design, Facebook Growth, Insight Analysis, Instagram Campaigns, Content Topics, Etc.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads for Artists:

In this 1-month course, Willy Chill and Evan Price show you how to use fan insights, customer psychology, and cutting-edge marketing techniques to find new fans, drive subscriptions and sell your music.

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Music Marketing Program


LEONARD PATTERSON (@ac_leonardp)

Leonard Patterson (the Indie Band Coach) is a former front-man for a 6-figure party band that averaged 125 shows/year (obviously pre-pandemic) and a booking agent with 1000’s of shows under his belt. As a co-writer and manager for artist London Rose, their song landed in a Lionsgate Film (Spare Parts) and a remix of the same song rode the Billboard Dance Charts for 12 consecutive weeks. He’s also a certified content marketer whose work has been featured in Livestreaming Pros, Social Media Today, Hypebot, and Indie On The Move.


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Chat about Livestreaming, Concert Checklists, Virtual Events, Booking, Merchandising, Content Creation, Tool Walkthroughs, Gear Recommendations, Band Management, Merchandising, Etc.

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Livestream Strategies That Will Ignite Your Fans

Building a direct real-time connection with your fans is no longer "nice to have" -- it's a must.  We'll dive into benefits of livestreaming (and why you should care), plus focus on streaming on social, enhancing your livestreams for engagement, monetizing your content, how to launch your recurring series, and more. 

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