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  • Access to April's training: "Living Online with your Superfans" - deep dive into fan engagement and how to create superfine during the lockdown.
  • Instant Access to our Entertainment Lockdown 7-Day Live Panelist Series all about COVID-19 and the Music Industry!
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What People Are Saying:

“"Evan's down to earth approach makes him relatable to listen to and his guests provide a lot of value and insight. As an artist I appreciate hearing tools I can implement right away and I don't feel overwhelmed or intimidated to act on what I hear. I would recommend anyone that is serious about their music career to not only listen to join the membership." ”


“Since working with Vinnie and Artist Collective, I have steadily increased my income and work opportunities as a performing musician, producer/composer, and sound designer. I once struggled in isolation and am now a part of a community of peers upon whom I trust and rely on to reinforce my trajectory as an artist and entrepreneur.”

Joe Johnson

“The Artist Collective platform is helping me connect the dots. The information I’m receiving is enhancing the evolution of my brand and music franchise. I’m thankful to be a part of a community that encourages growth and provides tangible solutions!”

Jalen Little

“Evan’s strategies have not only helped my online following, but it's also translated to show attendance as well. I’m very grateful to Artist Collective and look forward to continued success with the team.”

The Kid Fraze