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Facebook and Instagram Ads for Artists

We've all seen the guy pitching their mixtape on the street and we've all been sent DM's by our friends asking us to check out their music... BUT what if there was a better way?

There are specific tactics that I found in common after studying marketing plans from major companies, record labels and successful independent artists over the last few years! After finding the similarities, I then put them to the test! I tested thousands of dollars worth in ads across many genres for artists and found exactly what works and what doesn't and eliminated the fluff! 

 Marketing doesn't have to be rocket science, but what it does have to be is consistent and specifically targeted in order to bring new fans into your eco-system and to nourish the relationship with those already there! 

Gone are the days of guessing who to target when running your Facebook and Instagram ads... gone are the days of just reaching "people who like your page and their friends" or just hitting the boost button to get mediocre responses! 

It's time to stop wasting your money online and time to begin creating ads that work for you :) 


What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step process on creating successful Facebook & Instagram ads... that are proven to actually find your Super Fans!
  • Worksheets that will help you determine your ideal target audience
  • Walkthroughs of how to properly optimize your ads so you aren't wasting money.
  • Guided videos on how to create re-targeting audiences for your music
  • Tips on how to properly grow and nourish an email list of fans!
  • And more!


What People Are Saying:

This has changed my music career online during 2020, when I thought it would suffer from lack of gigs; but instead it has given me marketing ideas that have taken my online presence from 400 followers on FB that were semi-engaged to over 1k followers that are now super fans. I feel that my music finally has the reach it deserves!

Kerry Kathleen

The tailored ads that this helped me create, have been extremely valuable. For the first time, I feel like my money is actually being spent wisely.

Cody Jay