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This exact framework has built multiple 6 figure music businesses.  

Watch this short training to get the only 4 things you need to focus on to get there yourself.

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In this program you will: 

🔮 Get crystal clear on your offer and your ideal audience so you know exactly how to pitch it.

💪🏼 Gain the confidence to dramatically increase your prices so you can make more with less.

✅ Learn the exact framework that our clients use to grow their businesses and go full-time.

📲 Overcome your content overwhelm with a handcrafted content plan so you never wonder what to post.

🚀 Create a powerful marketing plan for your business so you are gaining customers while you sleep.

🔥 Master the art of doing less, better so you can finally get some of your personal time back.

Cody Jay 

Vocal Coach | Producer

We took Cody's vocal coaching business from $0 to $6,000 in the first 8 weeks with 0 paid advertising.



Spiritual Coach | Singer/Songwriter

"Before working with Artist Collective, my career was all over the place. I was focused on busy work. Artist Collective gave me an opportunity to find myself and want to share that. I've been able to grow a lot as an artist and as a human being."


Connor Frost 

Songwriting Coach | Artist

In just the first month and a half Connor saw so much growth with his songwriting coaching business. We helped him drive over $5,000 in sales and create a new program to continue working with his clients.


Kerry Kathleen

Sommelier | Indie Pop Artist

By combining Kerry's passions of wine & music we were able to turn her "Superfans into Dollars". She now has a sustainable fan subscription model built around her wine expertise that brings in passive monthly income, and she is getting more gigs for more money.


☎️ About The Call:

The call will not be a hard sell. We want to get to know you and decide if this is the best fit for both parties. On the call we will:

Diagnose Your Current Process - Let's get to the root of your roadblocks (if any). 

Access Your Eligibility - We do not accept everyone into our coaching program, on the call we will determine your eligibility.

Explain The Program Details - If accepted, we will discuss the details of the program and how to get started.



Producer | Engineer

"If you are serious about creating a life off of your music I would seriously consider this program. It gives you the blueprint for everything that you need to know as a freelancer/musician.."


Lil Cross

Owner of DTW | Artist Consultant

Drove in over $4,000 in sales to their new independent artist coaching program.


Cruise FX

Producer | Artist

Cruize was overwhelmed with the tasks needed to run his business. With our framework he has created a stable business framework, allowing him to find more clients and raise his prices.



Producer | Studio Owner

Shortly after making this video, we helped Jalen setup a clear and automated workflow driving in $1,500 in beat sales and $400 in production consulting.


In this program you will: 

☎️  Create a powerful sales system that finds clients while you sleep.

💰 Overcome analysis paralysis with our proven strategy to get you more paying clients. No more guesswork (we know what works)

✅ Know exactly which tech stacks to use that will most effectively scale your business. No more wasting money on pointless tools.

📲 Setup an effective content system that attracts your perfect clients. So you don't feel like you are always posting on social media.

🚀 Build a proven marketing framework to reach more people that are desperately looking for your service online.

🔥 Master the art of doing less, better so you can finally get some of your personal time back.

It's time to scale your music business!
If not now, then when?

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