It's Not Just Music... It's Therapy

I know we talk a lot about finding your target audience in the Artist Collective. But it's not just about selling your songs. Your music can be a lot more than that... and it should.

It's art. It's a message. It's your creative energy in music form. And, it can also be therapy for listeners who are connecting with you and your songs.

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-- @ac_leonardp

Music Is Therapy For Seniors

Artist Collective wants every musician to thrive, but we also understand that music is made for people and it stays with them for their entire lives. Never is that more evident than with seniors who can use music to get back parts of themselves they may have lost due to issues, such as cognitive decline. Here we’ll take a look at how music soothes the soul and can heal from the inside out.

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is the process of utilizing music – either playing or listening to – to create a sense of...

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