Top 3 Types of Music Teams to Grow Your Business

It's time to stop thinking you have to do this alone.

Sometimes we all need a team, a coach, a mentor. It's just hard to admit it, and even then it can be hard to know what KIND of help to seek out.

We get it.

That's why this blog / video is for you.

Here are 3 types of teams to consider if you're stuck and what to expect from each for your #musicbusiness.

Marketing your music and building your music brand are just like building muscle.

Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to get "in shape"? If so, what was one of the first things you thought about? Did you start looking for a Gym membership or a 1 on 1 like a Personal trainer?.

  • In that example, the gym membership is going to be less expensive, but it's going to be something you (pretty much) are doing on your own (DIY).
  • Whereas the 1 on 1 personal trainer? Yeh, that's more of a premium level type service that will cost more, but now you've got someone guiding you and holding you accountable.

So when you're looking to...

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The One Content Marketing Tool Every Musician Needs {by @ac_leonardp}

Guest post By Grace Windheim @ Kapwing

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Grace over the past couple of months. I use the software almost daily for my own content and for clients as well. I'm thrilled to have Grace share some of the cool things Kapwing can do for artists!
- Leonard (@ac_leonardp)

You make awesome music. You host fun livestreams. You share great content. Now you need to get the word out. 

But with so many social media platforms out there, creating content to promote your music can be a tiring process as you jump between making static image posts, short-form promo videos, longer YouTube videos, graphics for livestreams, posters, video thumbnails...the list seems endless. 

However, you no longer need different software to complete every task – Kapwing can do it all.

Kapwing is an online software that helps you make modern content in as few clicks as possible, and you can get started for free. You can make everything from videos to GIFs...

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How "Oasis" Grew Their Spotify Following


During our weekly Industry Chat, I spoke with Kevin Breuner, the VP of Marketing at CD Baby, host of the DIY Musicians Podcast, and a member of the band Small Town Poets.

Kevin discussed some amazing tools to use within CD Baby while preparing for your new music release.

Gain access to the full 60 min training here. 

Add incentives for your fans to take action.

So you want your fans to pre-save your song, or like your Facebook page? Well, what's in it for them? I know that sounds harsh but you need to understand that the market is saturated with independent artists asking music lovers to take actions like this. So how are you going to stand out?

Providing incentives for actions is a great way to ensure action is taken. Kevin explains how  (music marketing tool that CD Baby provides to their users for free) allows artists to create such incentives.


How Oasis Grew Their Spotify Following

The band "Oasis" has an...

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Don't get ripped off by Playlist pluggers!

Do you want to see what your fans look like when your song is placed on a bogus playlist? 


Don't get ripped off by bogus Spotify Playlist pluggers. Here are some quick ways to spot a bogus playlist from a legit one:

  1. If they are claiming a certain amount of streams for X amount of $.
    • The truth is no one can promise anything with playlists. It could get added and no one listens to the playlist, or the listeners skip your song because they don't like it. If a plugger is promising "100k streams for $1000" it's probably a scam...
  2. If the amount of followers = the amount of plays a song is getting.
    • Human behavior is much more complex. Not every person will stream it that follows the playlist, and some may stream is multiple times. So if the numbers are close it might be questionable. EX) 10,531 followers on a playlist & you get 10,531 listens on your song.

Spotify is removing all fraudulent streams and could result in a ban on their platform. Strive...

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