Ways for Creative Entrepreneurs to Earn When Work Gets Slow

Guest blog post submitted by Karen Weeks // Photo by Monstera (Pexels)

One of the main goals of The Artist Collective is to help artists find their "monetizable creative skillset" (MCS). This post from Karen lists several unique opportunities you can explore that aren't dependent on streaming income and ticket sales.

Working as a creative professional can be an unpredictable way to make a living. If you are struggling to earn an income, here are a few tips to help keep your finances flowing during downturns.

Start your own business.

Chances are good that you have a skill that other people are willing to pay for. Whether that’s voice coaching, teaching how to write plays, or providing music lessons, your experience is valuable. You can start a business by first choosing a name and then deciding on a business structure. When you’re first starting out, an LLC – limited liability corporations are flexible and tax-advantageous...

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4 Ways to Book More Gigs

  This month marks the 2-year point for the onset of the lockdown.

Nothing has been the same since March 2020, and honestly probably never will be.

But ONE thing is for sure, live music is making a (real) comeback this year and this video will 100% help you as you're starting to book more gigs, events, and festivals.

Vinnie is our seasoned gig specialist and music money expert that boasts a songlist of 700+ songs and a resume of more than 2,000 shows.

In our most recent video, he breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using booking sites just like these.

Watch "4 Ways to Book More Gigs" now to see how he manages leads, negotiates higher pay, and organizes all of these contacts through these 4 sites:

  • GigSalad
  • The Bash
  • Thumbtack
  • Airtable

Vinnie breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using these sites and more. Here's a quick menu of what he covers...

0:48 What do you need in your virtual EPK

1:20 How I made $13k a year on Gig Salad

2:30 Gig Salad tiers...

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Top 3 Types of Music Teams to Grow Your Business

It's time to stop thinking you have to do this alone.

Sometimes we all need a team, a coach, a mentor. It's just hard to admit it, and even then it can be hard to know what KIND of help to seek out.

We get it.

That's why this blog / video is for you.

Here are 3 types of teams to consider if you're stuck and what to expect from each for your #musicbusiness.

Marketing your music and building your music brand are just like building muscle.

Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to get "in shape"? If so, what was one of the first things you thought about? Did you start looking for a Gym membership or a 1 on 1 like a Personal trainer?.

  • In that example, the gym membership is going to be less expensive, but it's going to be something you (pretty much) are doing on your own (DIY).
  • Whereas the 1 on 1 personal trainer? Yeh, that's more of a premium level type service that will cost more, but now you've got someone guiding you and holding you accountable.

So when you're looking to...

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How to Set Effective Music Business Goals as an Artist This Year

Not all dreams and goals are created equal.

If you're a musician coach, artistpreneur, the important practice of GOAL-SETTING will set you apart from your peers and help you build and sustain a profitable music brand.

In fact, there are only TWO types of goals you need to help you reach the success you're looking for this year and beyond – process and outcome.

But what are they and what are some examples you could apply today?

Outcome goals

This type of goal focuses on a specific milestone or achievement that may be out of your control. In this instance, “dreams” and “goals” become very similar.

For example, an outcome goal may be to earn $100,000 this year. Another may be to grow your fanbase by 1,000 followers or build your email list to a specific number of subscribers.

The outcome is the WHAT where the process goals are the HOW.

Process goals

A process goal is one that you have complete control over. You base them off of your outcome goals and...

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