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Welcome to the MICPodcast, the best podcast on the planet for developmental music brands.

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Within just a few episodes, you'll get to hear from top-tier music biz professionals about their start in music, the reality of the modern industry, the strategies that got them where they are today, and how you can replicate their results on your own terms! You get all of this without the fear of 'false gurus' as we've hand-selected each guest based on their expertise and integrity, even giving you ways to add them to your network.

I'm your host Vinnie Hines and in this episode, we get reacquainted, checking in on the AC Team, the new Music Industry Entrepreneurs Facebook Page, and the exciting new Lifelong Superfan Program more than a dozen clients deep! It's a little strange talking to the camera in such a fashion, but I hope that it gives you a peek at the fun ways we're adding some flavor to the MICPodcast's sauce, keeping it laid back, and sprinkling in some comedic gold here and there.

We want to get the message out to as many artists that they truly can build a full-time music career brick by brick on their own terms, and it will take an entire community of creatives to make that happen.

Let's get mic'd up!


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