What Booking Agents Won't Tell You About Booking Gigs | ft. Kyle Weber of Indie on The Move

Artists, musicians, bands -- Are you (finally) ready to hit the road? This episode is for you!

Kyle Weber of Indie On The Move is one of the most seasoned booking experts in the country!

In this episode of the MICPodcast, you'll get a clear vision of the booking landscape in 2021 and beyond with some great tactics to be seen!

Indie On The Move has guided thousands of musicians across the country to find bandmates, local showcases, and even piece together national tours using the super simple profile options. Not only have they created the largest live music venue database, but they regularly connect with the talent buyers and agents involved to make sure their contacts are regularly updated!

We've truly recommended this super affordable platform to countless artists and use it ourselves regularly. The college booking database and blog sections are also chocked full of valuable contacts and articles.

Even our CEO Evan Price booked his first national tour almost a decade ago using this site and you'll hear how easy it can be.

Let's get mic'd up!



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