How To Make Sure Your New Music Release is Successful.

Alright, imagine something with me here. 🤔...

You spend months writing and recording your newest song.

You spend tons of money on the best studio with the best producer.

You get a top-notch mixing & mastering engineer to make it sound crispy.

And maybe even hire a dope artist to feature on it.

Then, you get an incredible local artist to whip up some artwork so that the single really pops.

And finally, after months (maybe even years) of creating you are ready to release it. And what happens?...

You just release it. No planning. No marketing budget. No promotional plan at all. Then it doesn't do well and you become frustrated and discouraged saying things like "all this hard work for nothing".

Does this sound too familiar? If so, you are definitely not alone. Every single artist I have ever worked with has had this problem (even my own band).

So what is the disconnect? Maybe its fatigue from the creation process and you just want to "get it out there", or it's fear of failure or even fear of success. I have been told it's a mixture of all of these by clients. 

Whatever it is, it needs to be addressed so that your future releases can get the spotlight they deserve. 


So I have broken down the 3 reasons why your new release isn't working, and some tips on how to correct them.


1) Spending More Time & Money Creating It Than Marketing It

No more just dropping the song as soon as you get the master back. Spending 6 months to write and record but 2 weeks to prepare the business side of things is a huge mistake.

I always tell artists not to set a release date at all until you get the master recording and final artwork in hand. As soon as that day hits, then you begin planning and get the promotional side rolling. Not before then!

What tends to happen is artists set a release date while they are recording in hopes of setting a deadline for themselves to get the process moving faster. But that creates unnecessary pressure. And when it gets closer to that set release date, the one thing that gets the short end of the stick is the promotion. So they rush to finish it in time then simply release it, hoping for the best.

Take the time to plan out the release date with a calendar in hand. Trust me. It will only help your new release.



2) Not Creating a Marketing Plan

This leads me to my next point: Create a plan for your release.

You do NOT need a huge marketing plan or even a huge budget for this to be effective. Oftentimes artists make the excuse like " I don't have a big budget so I was just going to release it".

A couple of things to address here:

A) If you spent hundreds on recording but don't have any money for marketing then you should definitely rethink your strategy.

B) If you don't have money for marketing, then you need to give your TIME. Research influencers to repost your music, database Spotify playlists to add your track (you can use Chartmetric for that), spend time learning how to run Facebook ad campaigns so you can reach your Superfans directly.

(Check out how we are helping musicians and artists do just that)

 There are indeed ways you can market your music without spending a dime. Money only helps add fuel to the fire of what's already working so that you can scale your reach nationally. Spending thousands on an unsuccessful marketing plan is also a waste. Try things for free first and go from there.


3) Not Registering Your Music Properly

Did you know there are more music royalties owed to you other than from your distributor? (like Distrokid, CD Baby, or Tunecore) 😱

Getting your business affairs in order ensures you are collecting your money properly for when the song does drop.

It's important to do this now (even if you don't typically get a lot of streams) in preparation for when you do get a lot of streams! The worst thing to happen would be if you failed to register and the song blew up and you are missing out on a lot of revenue.

Here is a TikTok video to explain more <





Biggest Takeaway?

The lesson here comes down to prepare, prepare, prepare. The more you are organized with what you need to get done, the easier it will become and won't feel as much like a random chore.

This is supposed to be your business after all, and good businesses have "Standard Operating Procedures" for almost everything involved with them doing business.

Standard operating procedures are written, step-by-step instructions that describe how to perform a routine activity.

If you can remain organized and systematic around the business tasks for your music, it will be a lot easier.

And it just so happens that I have provided you with a New Release Checklist. Never miss a task related to your new song. I have left room for you to add your own items as well!





Evan Price

Founder | Artist Collective 

Text me 📲 773-365-9887



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