How to Set Effective Music Business Goals as an Artist This Year

Not all dreams and goals are created equal.

If you're a musician coach, artistpreneur, the important practice of GOAL-SETTING will set you apart from your peers and help you build and sustain a profitable music brand.

In fact, there are only TWO types of goals you need to help you reach the success you're looking for this year and beyond – process and outcome.

But what are they and what are some examples you could apply today?

Outcome goals

This type of goal focuses on a specific milestone or achievement that may be out of your control. In this instance, “dreams” and “goals” become very similar.

For example, an outcome goal may be to earn $100,000 this year. Another may be to grow your fanbase by 1,000 followers or build your email list to a specific number of subscribers.

The outcome is the WHAT where the process goals are the HOW.

Process goals

A process goal is one that you have complete control over. You base them off of your outcome goals and strategize what steps it will take to get you there.

Let’s look at our examples…

First the outcome goal, then the process goals; a few repeatable steps to achieve the overall result you’re looking for.

1. Outcome Goal: Make $100,000

Process Goals could be…

- create one high ticket offer that encompasses your expertise

- define your ideal client and their pain points

- send 5 DMs per week pitching services/offer

- send 2 emails per week adding value based on your offer

2. Outcome Goal: Build a list of 1,000 engaged email subscribers 

Process Goals could be…

- setup a lead magnet enticing superfans to subscribe 

- create engaging automations that engage superfans to open and reply

- post everyday with value and an email CTA 

3. Outcome Goal: Get your first sync placement in a movie/tv show. 

Process goals might be…

- Update your home studio set up to be able to create quickly

- Database 50 contacts in that space

- Reach out to 5 new contacts per day

- Add metadata to all of your songs, etc.

We just published a video walking through why you need to focus on these two types of goals this year.

What are some other types of OUTCOME goals you've set for yourself this year? 

  • Land your first sync placement?
  • Perform 100 live shows?
  • Monetize your YouTube channel?

Let us know in the comments. We'd love to help you brainstorm some process goals if you need help!

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