How to Make Music Marketing a Walk in the Park

YOOO... It's Willy Chill!!

I just got back from a very NOT chill road trip across the country from Chicago to Colorado, Colorado to the Grand Canyon, then, of course, the canyon back to Chicago!! By far one of the most dangerous and challenging endeavors I've ever experienced in my life so far!

BUT... Vinnie also told a riveting story about Hennessy this week too on the MIC podcast!

You'll have to be the judge of which was better from the episode... 
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But naturally, Vinne got this incredible story out of me about how I hiked to the highest natural hot spring in North America (up 13,000ft) and spent 4 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (down 7,000ft) all in less than a week..... what a way to start the Music Industry Chat (MIC) podcast this past week!

But outside of all the lovely vacation stories, we also chatted at length about some really interesting digital advertising strategies we've been working to create and test inside the Artist Collective Marketing Program. 

We've been helping artists in the program reach thousands of new fans! By allowing them to be their best authentic selves and then using specifically targeted digital ads to emphasize their content and grow their followings! 

So long story short, in this episode, you'll find information on:

  • How to create target audiences for your advertisements
  • How to use a topic wheel to understand some hidden parts of your brand
  • What is a fan avatar and how you can use them to create better conversations
  • Can you post too much?
  • What does an authentic conversation look like in an advertisement
  • How to grow your email list
  • How to craft the best performing digital ads possible
  • How to join the Artist Collective Marketing Program 

If you would like to grab more information on the Artist Collective Marketing Program, you can find that RIGHT HERE!

To grab all the details from this episode of the Music Industry Chat:
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