It's Not Just Music... It's Therapy

I know we talk a lot about finding your target audience in the Artist Collective. But it's not just about selling your songs. Your music can be a lot more than that... and it should.

It's art. It's a message. It's your creative energy in music form. And, it can also be therapy for listeners who are connecting with you and your songs.

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Music Is Therapy For Seniors

Artist Collective wants every musician to thrive, but we also understand that music is made for people and it stays with them for their entire lives. Never is that more evident than with seniors who can use music to get back parts of themselves they may have lost due to issues, such as cognitive decline. Here we’ll take a look at how music soothes the soul and can heal from the inside out.

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is the process of utilizing music – either playing or listening to – to create a sense of relaxation or to promote physical or emotional healing. Harvard University explains that there are numerous benefits and notes that music can improve quality of life.

Benefits of Music Therapy

The benefits of music therapy are many, and, for seniors, they are perhaps most pronounced. Today’s Geriatric Medicine, an online newsletter for eldercare professionals, explains that music triggers emotion. This can elicit a host of responses, including memory recall and positive mood changes. Older adults that routinely listen to music may have better control over their emotions and are likely able to handle pain without overreliance on medications.

Music also has the uncanny ability to help people heal from the inside out. People who have had a left-brain injury can sidestep this part of their brain, which is responsible for speech, by singing as they learn to redevelop their ability to communicate. Musical abilities, while originating from both hemispheres of the brain, are predominantly a right-brain activity. Those who begin verbal rehabilitation by singing instead of speaking may be able to rewire themselves to communicate nearly as effectively as they did prior to a stroke or brain injury.

How To Use Music

Seniors can utilize music in many ways. First is to learn an instrument, and there are many online classes available for those who wish to remain safely socially distanced. Keep in mind that digital security must be a priority when taking classes online. Online scams, identity theft, and PC hacking are all cybersecurity issues seniors may not be familiar with. Read up on digital security and ensure that your (or your senior loved one’s) computer and home network are secure before signing up for classes.

Another fun way that seniors can enjoy music is to create a playlist of their favorite songs from pivotal moments in their lives. Music from their wedding, 16th birthday, or senior prom can all elicit memories they may have thought were long-lost.

Finally, music is a great motivator to help seniors get up and get moving. Music makes people want to tap their feet, and dancing is proven to improve physical and mental health. Most experts suggest that those in the 65 and older crowd exercise approximately 2.5 hours each week. This should include moderate aerobic activity, such as dancing. Seniors that don’t enjoy dancing can strap on a pair of headphones, turn on their favorite tunes, and head out for a 30-minute walk a few times each week.

Music is not just for entertainment. For seniors, it can help heal physical and emotional wounds. It’s an excellent motivator that has proven benefits for people of all ages. If you are looking for ways to help the seniors in your life stave off age-related decline, music is the way. So turn up the tunes, get moving, and let music do what it was meant to do. 


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