How to List Your Virtual Events on Spotify

Covid has caused all kinds of turmoil within the entertainment industry leading to live events postponed until at least 2021! But in the wake of live events being canceled live-streaming has taken over the internet to replace the dearly missed concerts. I can first hand feel the struggle of wanting to gather with my friends with a few drinks and scream the words of my favorite artist's songs with them while they're on stage... Live-streams have helped ease my pain (although my roommate probably doesn't appreciate all my singing haha)!

BUT there is good news from Spotify to help build live-stream audiences even bigger for artists! Spotify just inked a deal with Songkick to integrate live-stream events on artist's profiles!

With the integration, Spotify is tiptoeing into live streaming, which has boomed in popularity as a replacement for concerts after lockdowns were imposed across much of the world. With concert halls shut and major tours on hold until at least next year, stars such as K-Pop group BTS have taken to live streaming to perform for fans. BTS made nearly $20m in June from a single virtual show, “Bang Bang Con”. Not to mention Underoath's $1m concert at the start of the lockdowns (Our live-stream expert Leonard is interviewing Underoath's manager at the end of September if you're an AC member you can tune in and learn first hand how it helped them)!

“With most tours postponed until 2021 and online concerts set to continue, Spotify wants to make it easy for fans to learn about virtual events,” the group said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Previously, users were able to go to an artist’s page, click the “Concerts” tab, and see where the artist would be playing over the next several months. Informed by the concert data aggregator Songkick, these tabs have been desolate since the global pandemic ravaged the concert industry back in March. Now, fans will be able to see every live-stream event listed on an artist’s Spotify page as virtual events remain the new normal.


In a press release, the streaming service noted that concerts cannot be directly uploaded to the profile, and must be done through Songkick. As long as the shows are listed through Songkick or Ticketmaster, artists will be able to integrate event listings for virtual concerts on a variety of platforms—Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, a dedicated website, or their method of choice.

It will also be easier for fans to find these events, as artists can make the upcoming virtual concert their “Artist Pick” so it shows up on the landing page of their artist profile. Spotify will also bring attention to the shows by emailing out personalized virtual event recommendations based on listening habits and Spotify’s recommendation algorithms.

Spotify shares via blog post:

Over the past six months, in the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen artists adapt and innovate in incredible ways. In lieu of live shows, staging virtual performances across a variety of platforms has become a vital way to connect with your fans, and share who you are with new listeners.

Spotify continues:

With many tours postponed until 2021, the necessity for these virtual events is set to continue, and we want to make it easy for Spotify listeners to learn about virtual events for the artists they love, and for artists they’re discovering for the very first time. In light of this, we’ve leveraged our partnership with Songkick—the live stream concert discovery app—and Ticketmaster to make it happen. Starting today, all Spotify listeners will be able to find virtual event listings on artist profiles and in the Concerts hub.

While Spotify has hesitated to go as far as Amazon which introduced Twitch, they go on to say:

“Live streaming is not a massive business yet,” said one senior music executive at a major record label. “But this is the future, so you have to learn and experiment and figure out what the business model is.” 

While I'd like to argue that BTS's $20m and Underoath's $1m live-streams are HUGE and that live-streaming already is a massive business, I'd also rather let the major record labels do what they do best... lack the knowledge to innovate and change with the rapidly changing environment that is the music industry :) We can probably all remember their lack of desire to change when streaming first became the norm!

For more information on how to link your live-stream events to your Spotify, you can click HERE, and for help finding your favorite artists live-stream you can click HERE

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