The One Content Marketing Tool Every Musician Needs {by @ac_leonardp}

Guest post By Grace Windheim @ Kapwing

I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Grace over the past couple of months. I use the software almost daily for my own content and for clients as well. I'm thrilled to have Grace share some of the cool things Kapwing can do for artists!
- Leonard (@ac_leonardp)

You make awesome music. You host fun livestreams. You share great content. Now you need to get the word out. 

But with so many social media platforms out there, creating content to promote your music can be a tiring process as you jump between making static image posts, short-form promo videos, longer YouTube videos, graphics for livestreams, posters, video thumbnails...the list seems endless. 

However, you no longer need different software to complete every task – Kapwing can do it all.

Kapwing is an online software that helps you make modern content in as few clicks as possible, and you can get started for free. You can make everything from videos to GIFs and memes, do things like subtitle videos and resize them, and much more. 

With Kapwing, you can create and store your work in the cloud in addition to collaborating with band members and even editing the same projects simultaneously. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Kapwing makes the content creation process easy. 

In this article, I’ll highlight five ways Kapwing can level up your music marketing game.

1. Resize posts for different social media platforms

Making music takes time and so does the process of sharing it online.

The thought of creating a post on each of the many social media platforms out there can be overwhelming. But I’ll let you in on a secret: the trick to efficient content marketing is to make one piece of content and resize it for other social media platforms. This can be done with the click of a button using Kapwing’s resize function

Simply upload your post/video or paste a link to it, then choose the appropriate output size for uploading to the different platforms: 

  • YouTube (16:9)
  • Instagram (1:1)
  • TikTok/ Instagram Reels (9:16)
  • Twitter/Facebook portrait (4:5)
  • Twitter/Facebook landscape (5:4) 

You won’t have to recreate the wheel with your posts for each social media platform ever again.

2. Create audio waveform videos

Want to promote your upcoming release but don’t have a music video?

Make posts more interesting by creating an audio waveform from a video or audio file in Kapwing. These audio waveforms graph the frequency and amplitude of sounds over time and are a great way to visualize music.

Start creating professional looking promotional videos for your beats by adding a waveform here. You can also add a waveform from the main Studio under the “Elements” tab in the toolbar.

3. Create YouTube assets

Many musicians are turning to YouTube as a place to promote their music, host livestreams, and give fans a peek behind-the-scenes with vlogs. Starting a YouTube channel adds a variety of content creation tasks to your plate, and Kapwing is a one-stop shop for completing all of them. 

In addition to editing the actual videos in Kapwing, you can also design thumbnails and a channel logo and header. Creating assets like a video intro, end screen, and animated subscribe button will help incentivize viewers to follow your channel too.

4. Edit TikTok and Instagram Reels videos

Short-form video apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels have become the talk of the town recently. These apps are especially great for artists and musicians as they make it easy to share songs and sounds. Many artists have even seen their work go viral as a result. 

However, you can’t upload your own songs easily within the app itself. Luckily, Kapwing can help you edit TikTok and Reels videos so you can get your sound onto the app. Start with uploading an existing video with your song to Kapwing, size the canvas to 9:16, add text and other visual elements if you want, then upload the video to TikTok/Reels. 

Once it’s posted, other people will be able to use your song or track.

5. Make lyric videos

Want to highlight your latest song or track?

Show off your songwriting and production skills by making a lyric video. You don’t need a huge animation budget and expensive software to make one, just use the Kapwing subtitler

Upload a music video or livestream recording of the song being played and click “Subtitles” in the top toolbar. Write out the lyrics line by line and time them out, then adjust the appearance of the lyrics to fit the video’s aesthetic by changing the font, color, and more.

In just a short time, you’ll have a lyric video that can be posted to any social media account.

Join the AC 5-Day Content Challenge!

We’re excited to partner with the Artist Collective to host a fun contest and to help you repurpose your content. Join us for the Artist Collective 5 Day Challenge (i.e. #KapwingWeek) starting Monday, September 28th on the Artist Collective Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

Each day, you’ll get a short content challenge to create, edit, resize, etc. a piece of your content using Kapwing. Participants who complete the content creation challenges each day will be eligible to win giveaways including a free lifetime Kapwing Pro subscription! 

Follow the Artist Collective on Facebook and YouTube and stay tuned.

For more content creation tips and tricks, find Kapwing on YouTube and check out our Resources library.


Grace is passionate about equipping artists with the tools they need to create. She is a Content Creator at Kapwing.

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