How Should Artists Use Clubhouse?



What is Clubhouse?

This new application is taking the digital world by storm. It started as a way for Hollywood celebrities and other moguls to connect with each other during the pandemic, it has now begun to grow into a social media platform in itself.

Taken from the Clubhouse Website:

"Clubhouse is a new type of network based on voice. When you open the app you can see “rooms” full of people talking—all open so you can hop in and out, exploring different conversations. You enter each room as an audience member, but if you want to talk you just raise your hand, and the speakers can choose to invite you up. Or you can create a room of your own. It’s a place to meet with friends and with new people around the world—to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics.

Clubhouse is voice-only, and we think a voice is a very special medium. With no camera on, you don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing, or where you are. You can talk on Clubhouse while you’re folding laundry, breastfeeding, commuting, working on your couch in the basement, or going for a run. Instead of typing something and hitting Send, you’re engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue with others. The intonation, inflection, and emotion conveyed through voice allow you to pick up on nuance and form uniquely human connections with others. You can still challenge each other and have tough conversations—but with voice there is often an ability to build more empathy. This is what drew us to the medium."


The app is pretty easy. Using only audio (taken from any smartphones' microphone), anyone can join "Rooms" in real-time and listen to conversations led by "Moderators" and "Speakers". These rooms could be discussing the music business, racial inequality, or how to date in 2020. Anything is on the table. 


Room Breakdown.

While you are in a room as a "Listener" You are a fly on the wall. You can 'Raise Your Hand", "Ping" people into the room (which is inviting your friends to also listen), or you can "Leave Quietly". That's it! 

If you raise your hand a moderator can bring you onto the stage for you to ask a question or bring value to the rest of the room. If they really like what you have to say they might make you a moderator to help them manage the room (because it can get pretty crazy if there are 100+ people in there).

There also is no DM's either. If you want to connect with anyone in the room you can click their picture and open their bio. There are only 2 clickable links in bio's; Twitter & Instagram. The bio can be pretty long, but make sure you don't add a complex link in there cuz you cannot copy/paste.



Invite Only?

As of right now, the app is in beta and invite-only. it is also only available for iPhone users (sorry green bubble friends). Every user can have 1 invite but as you moderate rooms and use the app you will be gifted more invites. For instance this morning I woke up to 3 extra invites after moderating and speaking in rooms with former Taylor Swift's manager Rick Barker. You are rewarded the more you use the app and interact with higher-profile users.




How Should Artists Use Clubhouse?

To Network, Learn, and Bring Value

  • To Network

This was created for networking, so I believe this is the best use of the platform. Jump in rooms that you find interesting. Maybe you see someone you want to get to know. Maybe a speaker says something that connects with you. Follow their pages, shoot them a message, and come prepared with an ask. Do NOT slide in people's DM's with "let's work"... please don't. Contact them telling them exactly what they said to make you message them, tell them about yourself, and how you both can work together.

  • To Learn

Feel free to enter rooms and just listen. Be a sponge and soak up information. I think you'll find that even the biggest names on the platform have gone through the same roadblocks as you (or currently going through them). I have heard so many gems just by listening to others. Instead of entering rooms ready to flex on everyone, just stay silent and be present.

  • To Bring Value

This is how I intend to use the platform the most. Since I am a coach and mentor for musicians, I want to provide value. My expertise is branding and building authentic music brands online. So I want to provide gems to those that are building their brands and find themselves stuck (usually stuck in their own way). I am not going into rooms ready to sell my services. I am going into rooms to help people for FREE. Yes, you heard me. By doing this I will earn respect from people and maybe that will result in a booked call, or a mentorship program, or even a membership at Artist Collective. But first, I must earn the right to sell them on something.


Who Should Be Using Clubhouse?

Honestly, I think everyone should have an account. Just like all of the other social media platforms, it is good to have a presence. But specifically, this is a great platform to help build a following for those that aren't as comfortable with a video live stream or maybe don't play an instrument. The audio-only platform will give you a chance to chat with others without the pressure of "looking your best". You could even create rooms with your fans in the future (once it's past the BETA phase and open to the public). 


So if you haven't yet, claim your username and wait to be let in. If you know someone on it already they may have an extra invite. You can shoot me a text to see if I have been given anymore and I would be happy to get you through the waitlist early! 📲 773-365-9887


Download the app and join the public BETA here:



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