4 Tools to Increase Your Music Podcast Listeners

Hey everyone!

Long story short, I was writing a private email to my buddy Lenny Schmidt after being a guest on his podcast. I get a little raunchy and it's not musically educational unless you wanna hear the uncut story of my American Idol XV escapades. (If you're curious, listen here: https://youtu.be/RNNUIT6lYus

Anyways, as I was typing out the email to teach him a few techniques I've picked up about growing music podcast followings and I realized this was some stuff that everyone could use. So here we are! I've somewhat adapted the tools I recommended to my friend to the rest of you guys FREE OF CHARGE! Lol.

I've been lucky enough to have some amazing people on our Music Industry Chat Podcast that have told me about these tools and I personally use them religiously, now. If you've stumbled upon here and aren't a musician or artist, feel free to use the tips and then share the article to a few artists that could benefit! The mission is to get as many creatives #backtothemusic as possible and we can do that with your help! (Subscribe to the MICPodcast here: https://anchor.fm/industrychat)

#1 - Youtube Google Chrome Extensions
These extensions are basically used to optimize your tags, give you intuitive tips to tickle the algorithm better and give you a realistic look at your search ranking and analytics. The two I highly recommend are:
VIDIQ: vidiq.com (Better branding, more appealing to my personal eye.)
TUBEBUDDYtubebuddy.com (Great for beginners! Lots of walkthroughs!)
Use both of them and see which ones’ branding you like more! Both have free plans that can be upgraded to soup things up.
#2 - LIVESTREAM Distribution
For our Music Industry Chat Podcast, we oftentimes bring multiple speakers on and we try to LIVESTREAM to as many places as we can. Currently, the best branded platform for adding text, subtitles, branding elements, etc while ALSO multi-streaming to various places is the following: Streamyard.com
#3 - Podcast Recording Distribution (Post Production)
I’m not sure if you’re diversifying your podcast outreach to multiple platforms, but the easiest way to do that that I’ve found is Anchor.FM for the post-production finished recording. It’s got an editing tool in it as well if you’d like to add recurring sponsorship ads.
#4 - Promotion/Posting Automation
There are lots of tools that auto-post for you or enable scheduling. Here are a couple of automation programs I use like crazy!
IFTTT.com - “If This Then That” is a program/platform that allows you to setup rules online that will automate processes. This is AMAZING for SEO and getting your message out. A simple example would be everything hash tagged with the name of the podcast will automatically be posted to your Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Stuff like that, but let your imagination wander!
Later.com - The program has saved my life more times than once. I am trying hard to pull away from social media and get rid of that addiction and the simplest way to do that is to have days every week that I’m “off”. No posts, no promo needed and no guilt because I’ve scheduled my posts for the day! 
Anyways, everyone, I  wanted to say thanks again for reading and that I'm loving all the new music podcasts I'm seeing. Keep it going and shoot me an email if you have any further questions or need help finding music business guests!
Also, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on any platform you'd like through this link: https://anchor.fm/industrychat We also provide countless walkthroughs, reviews and exclusive referral links to all sorts of amazing music business tools in our Artist Collective membership. Find more info on our homepage to claim your membership! (You'll be basically making money in the affiliates section, alone! Lmao.)
Thanks for reading and have a great month crushing your podcast game!
[email protected]_vinnie AKA Vinnie Hines, Co-Owner of ArtistCollect.com
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