New Industry Chat from Joe Johnson: Master Audience Engagement Onstage


@AC_Vinnie here, ya’ll!

Throughout my travels as a musician and as a music consultant, there are occasionally artists that strike me as having ‘it’. Not just talent and charisma, but some extra factor that you can’t quite quantify. One of those potent personalities is most definitely that of Joe Johnson, AKA “Semi-Average Joe”. He wears many hats, but perhaps his most prominent is that of “Storyteller”. He connects with an audience in a way that I’ve never quite seen. It’s almost as if he’s calming an unruly herd to take it on a journey it didn’t even know it wanted.

So I asked Joe to come and teach our members about it! Let me tell you more about our host and we’ll dive into some of the fun that happened during the webinar that we decided to poignantly call “Master Audience Engagement Onstage”.

Joe Johnson is a multi-instrumental studio and live musician, composer, and sound designer. He holds music residencies in several Memphis establishments and is working on developing a house show and small venue tour for 2020. His music has been featured at New York and Memphis Fashion weeks and his original scores for theatre have won awards and nominations for sound design and composition. He has a Master's degree in literacy and has completed post-graduate work in the areas of linguistics, philosophy, and technology as applied to music as a communicative medium. Once a consultant-client of Artist Collective, he’s now thriving in the music industry with total control over his music business and artistic future!

I’m writing this blog post after recording the webinar with Joe and a few things truly stick out.


Firstly, Joe gives us a few easy ways to access our ‘center’, detaching from our ego and preparing to be a vessel for the music. Through a series of “walking meditations” during soundcheck, some strategies for the drive to the gig, and a general willingness to serve the audience he sets the tone internally to optimize his connectivity with an audience.

Another thing that amazed me was how Joe describes the audience as “generals” and urges a performer to engage with the most powerful social players in various pockets of a crowd. Once you have the attention of these generals, you can unify them with others and suddenly you’ve minimized multiple groups to a cohesive unit, successfully conquering them! He goes into greater detail and I’ve begun to implement his techniques at my shows and have seen a huge change.

At the start of the gig, Joe shows us how to read a crowd’s song preferences and offers countless ideas for things to say onstage. The main goal is to make every audience member feel seen. Once you have made them feel this, create the space for them to “feel very big and then feel very small”. This high and low repetition will continually get your audience more invested in what’s happening onstage.

Joe shows us in many different ways just how you can connect with your audience, researching from the very point you enter the property, even in the parking lot. By creating opportunities to engage and utilizing his other methods, I’ve personally become a better performer. I can’t wait to hear what our members learn and how it changes their stage presence and fanship!

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