4 Reasons Lüm Is The Best Music Discovery App On The Market

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Full-time musicians barely have time to post as often as they'd like, let alone invest in a new will-they won't-they platform. There seems to be a new networking site or developmental app or program that is going to shake the industry to its core they all too often fall short of their sales pitch. By the time most users have invested the time to create an account, try to get engaged with the inner culture and communities and relocate some of their fans to a platform, all the users involved are usually 'over it'. 

However, have no fear, there is a new app that is truly all it says and more!

I have found the next music app that I think WILL explode in 2020! The app is called Lüm and Artist Collective was lucky enough to have their Director of Artist Relations, Endre Krumholz represent it as our guest of last week's Industry Chat. We did a deep-dive into the amazing features on Lum and he explained in detail just why it is the best music discovery app out there!


1. The app itself (and gifting system) is ridiculously attractive and unique.

-Streaming requires a certain level of attentiveness, engagement and attractiveness. This app does all of this with a super unique gifting system that gives a listener huge incentive. Twitch does a good job of this as well, but for those looking for a niche MUSIC app, this gifting system is the best choice. All too many other ways of direct funding of an artist are desktop-based and unattractive. For example, apps like Cashapp, Venmo, or Paypal have no fun engagement features, leaving them feeling dry and loveless. It's our job as entertainers to make every step of the process enjoyable and well... entertaining.

*CORONAVIRUS NOTE - Making the online/virtual experience as immersive and fun as possible will be the struggle for artists during the COVID-19 Lockdown and beyond! That means branding and ease of the platforms you use will directly influence your profit margin.

2. The developers are focused on developmental artists, NOT the Drakes and Adeles of the world.

-A sad truth of the industry is that one way or another, the market is heavily influenced if not almost completely controlled by the mighty dollar and the collective power of labels and conglomerates. This means that almost all of our screens on most platforms are plastered with the same couple dozen artists heard on the local radio stations. Not only do marketing dollars affect the market, but popularity can be completely synthesized. Radio spots are paid for, streams are generated by metric-farming companies, labels create contracts with Spotify to push their own playlists and singles, etc. The list goes on...

So how do you combat a system designed to highlight the budget-rich artists and labels?

Use a platform that doesn't reward that type of behavior. Lüm makes sure that true engagement and direct giving are the only ways to influence your image on the application. That means the metrics are real, the streams are accurate, the engagement is authentic. To make sure there's even more incentive for artists, Lüm is continually inviting industry types just like us to engage with artists on the platform as it becomes one of the biggest rosters of developmental talent in the world! As they collect industry types to flood the application, so do the reasons to download and start using it. The difference is that there are no backroom deals happening that manipulate the app in an unfair way, which is becoming rarer and rarer in the industry. Props to them for that!

*CORONAVIRUS NOTE - Direct artist funding like 'tipping' or 'gifting' is becoming the new norm, as creatives are seriously struggling financially in the pandemic economy. With a recession looming and financial depression possible, many artists will need to lean on this type of transaction to continue in the industry at a full-time level. This up and coming artist roster will attract those that are ready to build folks up rather than support mega-stars.

3. It’s still developing and you can be one of the first explosive artists on the platform!

-The platform has a LOT of users, but that doesn't mean it's done developing. As the roster grows and the networks and culture builds, it continues to change and mold according to how the people are responding. With such a new platform, coming attractions and features are possibly endless, but more than anything, it's still fresh and 'cool'. Sounds corny, but the idea is this: you could be one of the first artists to explode on the next big app. The rewards of being an early user not only are showing within the app using titles and bonuses but will be visible in metrics and 'giving' in the future as it becomes the biggest music app out there.

An exciting aspect that is being integrated into the app in the coming future is their A&R Development. They'll be sourcing the artists with the most talent and engagement on the platform and shaping their careers in various ways to be seen! #excitingstuff

*CORONAVIRUS NOTE - Since the Entertainment Lockdown, creators and consumers alike are flooding existing platforms and everyone's wondering what the next TikTok is going to be. Artist Collective believes that the winner may very well be Lüm! We've heard countless artists say, "I wish I would have gotten on that TikTok trend..." Well, here's your chance to be on the cutting edge.

4. It’s 100% FREE.

-In our Industry Chat, Lüm's Director of Music Partnerships & Artist Relations, Endre Krumholz wasn't shy about how the company makes money or what endeavors they're building into the app and providing to the artist roster in the future. We really respect that they’re a transparent company that focuses on direct engagement, rather than scraping as much as they can off the top. 

Furthermore, all NEW USERS also get 200 Notes for 100% FREE! We highly recommend that artists use this to immediately gift to other artists you enjoy. Bonus points if they're doing well on the platform as well. This will immediately get you involved in their community, showing thankfulness and support as an initial engagement, starting to gain traffic on your profile! These connections may turn into collaborations with a little time and effort.

*CORONAVIRUS NOTE - Shortly after the Entertainment Lockdown, Lüm was Apple's Featured App of the Day! Also, they were recently featured in an article with Artist Collective on Billboard.com, citing both companies as amazing educational resources to utilize during Coronavirus. Check out the article HERE.

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Looking forward to meeting ya'll. Go download Lüm, claim your free trial to my amazing company's memberships, and then connect with me as often as you'd like. Cheers!

Written by Artist Collective Co-Owner Vinnie Hines. Follow me on Instagram, today - @ac_vinnie!


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