Collective Announcement - May Industry Chats Topic: "Foundations of Social Media For Musicians" (by @AC_Vinnie}


It's your buddy, @ac_vinnie again, ya'll! I couldn't be more excited to host May's Industry Chats! We're getting back to the basics to make sure we can smash through the light at the end of the tunnel sprinting!

The world is different! The industry is different! I hope you’re staying healthy, happy, and positive because, with last month’s mention on, we couldn’t be more excited to roll out our new topic!


Why do we have monthly topics?

We want to give our members the structure they're craving to funnel brilliance into a successful career and growing paycheck! This way, we can attack the topics in real-time according to the shifts in the industry. A perfect example was our 7-Day Lockdown Series that got the attention of countless publications.


May will be hosted by yours truly! If we haven't met, I'm a Co-Owner of Artist Collective, an ex-booking agent, and a current alumnus of American Idol XV riding that wave to an amazing career! Connect with me as a performer here:


“Foundations of Social Media” - We decided this was the most important angle we could take for May with such unsure futures and venues with struggling budgets. After a decade of working with countless artists and venues alike, we're going to unveil all of our best strategies.


Week 1, May 2020 - We will discuss the Macro Elements of Social Media AKA the big picture stuff, what matters at large and we’ll define some of the harder stuff, nailing down how folks are generally making money in that space.


Weeks 2-4, May 2020 - We will have an in-depth look at Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to show you a full-circle approach to creating an online presence that blasts new doors open, increasing your bottom line and making you money!

Members will have free live access to the webinars and non-members will have to claim their free trial using my PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK here:

And if you're ready for a one-on-one consultation, shoot an email to me directly!

[email protected]

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