What do musicians do after Coronavirus?

lockdown Apr 02, 2020

ENTERTAINMENT LOCKDOWN - What do musicians do after Coronavirus?


Musicians are lost right now. A lot of people are lost, but especially creatives that live and die by connecting to a crowd. This writer feels the same way many do, wondering if his career of ten years as a full-time musician has come to a grinding halt.

And to be honest, a couple of weeks into this new pandemic culture, the real answer is that NOBODY KNOWS.


It’s a huge question: Where does the music industry go now?


In the midst of Coronavirus’ global outbreak, 90% of Artist Collective’s business, which was based in booking was wiped out nearly overnight. Contracts were shredded, events canceled, and many of our artists were looking at bills going unpaid. Panicked, taken by surprise and eager to help the artists that felt as abandoned as us, the owners at Artist Collective came up with an idea.


What if we put together a virtual panel of industry experts from around the country to talk about what’s going on outside of the static of the news and social media?


What if I could hear directly from a crazy-successful artist manager living in NYC while hearing the counterpoints from a veteran music consultant in LA?


What if we could provide an outlet for artists that are hungry to create, thrive and build in a time that will weed out the hobbyists and part-timers?


The answer to all of these questions was given to us in the form of our 7-Day Live Panelist Series called Entertainment Lockdown. The CEO of Artist Collective, Evan Price is based out of Chicago, IL while Head of Booking Vinnie Hines is based roughly out of Orlando, FL. Both states were some of the first to enact strict lockdown measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus. These measures were well-received by the Presidential Administration and it is our belief that much of the country will follow in the steps of our states as the pandemic grows.


This means that the progression of the lockdown of the Illinois and Florida markets will likely replicate itself in yours in the coming months.


I bring this up to illustrate that the live series that we hosted from 3.22-3.28 will be incredibly relevant and directly useful for many localities over the coming months.


Beyond that, this 7-Day Series set the foundation of introducing some of the best professional personalities hosts we’ve ever hosted! Below, I’ll give a day by day breakdown to show you just who our CEO and host @ac_evan got for each specific topic so you can get to know the incredible panelists:


Day 1: COVID-19 Facts + Surviving the Isolation

Vinnie Hines (American Idol XV, Co-Owner of Artist Collective) - @ac_vinnie

Cheryl B. Engelhardt (Music Business Motivator, Performer/Composer) - @cbemusic


Day 2: Creating Passive Music Income

Nate Rose (Indie Artist, +10 Million Streams) - @naterosemusic

Felicity Ward (LA-Based Artist Manager) - @itsfelicityryan

Marcus Cobb (CEO of Jammber Music) - @jammbermusic


Day 3: Live Event Lockdown

Nina Swint (Agent Assistant) - @ninjaswint

BJ Olin (MGR - Cinders // Old Man Saxon) - @bj_olin

Leonard Patterson (Owner of IndieBandCoach) - @indiebandcoach


Day 4: Music Publicity {How to Spin It?}

Arielle Walton (Music Publicist) - @timelessbrandchicago

Mark Boulas (Creator of Rockstone Creatives) - @rockstonecreatives

Merilyn Reles (Lead Publicist at Present PR) - marilynreles.com


Day 5: How are Artist Managers Handling This?

Sam Saideman (MGR - YONAS, Co-Founder of Innovo Management) - @sammanager_

Vanessa Silberman (Independent A&R) - @vanessasilbermanofficial

Randy Nichols (MGR, Advisor for Bandsintown)

Rick Barker (Host of MIB Podcast, Former MGR - Taylor Swift) - @rickbarkermusic


Day 6: Industry Solutions

Paul Alqas (Owner of Promo Se7en, Entrepreneur) - @paulalqas

David Adler (Entertainment Lawyer) - @adlerlaw1


Day 7: Increasing Fan Interaction

Endre (President of Lum.Music) - @lum.music

Richie Nuzz (President of Blossom.IM) - @richienuzz



This content-rich miniseries had so many fantastic moments that I’d like to simply share a few moments that struck this writer as very special.


First of all, the optimism of @cbemusic and her hunger for making the motivation of music business a fun endeavor truly set the tone for the series. This writer was pleasantly surprised by the charisma and the powerful monologue that got me fired up!


In Day 2, there was a moment where @naterosemusic shed light on how he’s continuing to build his catalog, taking an aggressive move towards playlisting through Spotify and building streams now that folks are forced to seek out new online content. (As a personal fan of his music, this writer always listens closely to what strategies Nate says!) Marcus and Felicity bounce around ideas as well, pointing to how important logging your split-shares can be.


In Day 3, BJ Olin, formerly the Manager of Allen Stone for nearly 8 years, educated us on the holds system of modern venues and how this pandemic is jamming up scheduling all the way into 2021. Deep-diving with Nina, they illustrated just how touring booking will be reacting 6-12 months from now let alone in the next few. Leonard Patterson lent us some expertise on how musicians are using Twitch to diversify their fanbases and why the platform is so much more interactive than most. Day 3 definitely brought some heated opinions and tense moments, but the information was invaluable and the perspectives bring a well-rounded national approach to the listener’s ear.


Day 4, we explored a publicists’ role in this time and what the best practices are for communicating with the public and outward PR as a whole. Many folks are wondering if now is the time to pull the trigger with new outreach like fresh ad campaigns and increased marketing budgets. As we explored the why’s and the how’s of that question, we debated the use of clickbait-style postings, the ethics of marketing in a time of crisis, and best approached to optimize your reach, saving money along the way! Mark and Marilyn bring incredible perspectives to the table, representing different corners of the country.


Day 5 was a packed house with some incredible hosts. The artist manager role is one that most fully embodies the music business side of the industry and we enlisted the country’s best to answer your questions. With an upside-down industry, we focus on ways to stay liquid outside of live music events and what actionable tasks the best managers have their artists working on. This writer firmly believes that some of the best industry predictions for the future of the industry were said here. Not only were there some optimistic moments, but we explored the dark reality of the financial dilemmas of the industry while dipping into some ideas to keep online content fresh and worthwhile.

*There’s also a guest appearance by yours truly towards the end of this one that is pretty darn funny!*

In Day 6, we bring in some heavy-hitters, Paul Alqas and David Adler (our own music lawyer), focusing on what you can do to get help financially and legally in the tough times to come. Contracts are more important than ever and knowing the best practices moving forward is no longer optional. Beyond that, we explore what the hospitality industry is doing in the midst of regional shutdowns, as well as what government aid is available, now. 

Day 7, the Artist Collective owners pair up with some app developers to talk about how we can scale our fan engagement to be higher numbers while keeping it meaningful and intimate. Using Blossom.IM (text marketing) and Lum.Music (social networking) in conjunction with each other, Artist Collective thinks that artists will find a new captive audience ready to engage in new ways. With a look back on the series, @ac_evan wraps up the 7 Days with an optimistic pledge to continue bringing the best strategies and personalities directly to his members!


Our hope is this: through this tough time you don’t lose hope or progress. We will continue to provide all the solutions and ideas we can to our members and artists at large to make sure that there are more full-time music businesses, even in times of a crisis.


Watch the 7-Day Panelist Series and learn how to get through this “Entertainment Lockdown” a stronger, more capable music business even in times of crisis so you can get #BACKTOTHEMUSIC


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