How To Score Online Booking Contacts by @AC_Vinnie

As a hustler in the music industry, one of the most difficult aspects of DIY booking is simply finding the email address or contact information of a potential connection! I oftentimes call this “scraping” for an address. There are many ways to do this, but after countless hours of databasing almost the entire country’s venues, I’ve found the fastest ways to find the booking contact’s info below!


#1 - Facebook (Fastest, Most Revealing!)

Facebook is easily the fastest way to score booking email addresses for me personally. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I basically live on the platform already, but a simple click to the ‘About’ section is typically more revealing than a few minutes sifting through a website. I highly recommend using this as your first place to search.

#2 - Website (Google Search!)

Most reputable venues are going to have a website. Find the ‘Contact’ menu for booking information or seek out the origin story of the business elsewhere. Oftentimes, you can quickly find the contact information for the venue at the bottom footer.

#3 - (Online Booking database, partners of AC)

Friend of Artist Collective and CEO of Indie on Move Kyle Weber has created one of the most impressive platforms to quickly canvas the country for venues and contacts. Depending on what cities you’re hoping to tour, this may be a one-stop shop for all of your booking needs!

#4 - (Use ‘live music’ filter first, then search the reviews.)

Yelp and TripAdvisor are widely used by travelers and can be a great place to find contact info. Beyond that, you can hear/read the reputation of the venue if you’ve not been yourself. Making sure that a venue is on-brand for your act is as important as the actual gig, so take the time to seek out the most sought after venues and those that might have your ideal ‘superfan’.

#5 - Social Media Messaging (Facebook Page/Instagram Account).

Social media messaging has been one of the most successful ways to reach someone near the point of contact for bookings. In many cases, I’ve secured bookings solely through the messenger application and haven’t even resorted to email unless invoices or contracts were necessary. You’ll oftentimes have direct access to ownership or upper MGMT through these messages.

*Be sure to use phrasing similar to this: “I’m eager to learn how to be considered for your live music booking? Do you have a particular process, and if so, what might that be?” 

#6 - Restaurant/Investment Group Research

Research the umbrella company, restaurant group or investment firm that owns the business/venue and reach out to their events coordinators, sales teams, or marketing. is a great way to access folks in the hierarchy of the company. Be sure to clean up your personal profile before reaching out and be selective when using InMessage as you only get a certain amount of monthly credits to reach out to others. Request

communication with the Food & Beverage Management for many hotels/resorts/convention centers. Common titles that may be in charge of booking entertainment are Event Coordinator, General Managers, Marketing Team, Sales Associates, and any Floor Managers.

At this point, you should be able to successfully recover the contacts of those booking professionals you’ve been so eager to reach! If you’re interested in diving deeper into the wild world of booking, be sure watch the FULL LESSON in the Artist Collective library entitled “Basics of Reaching Out to Booking Professionals”

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