5 Captions Guaranteed to Stop Your Fans from Scrolling

Curious about how to make your fans click on your videos?

One of the most important pieces when posting anything to your fans is the way you say something!

Your fans consume soo much content every day!

So we need to dial into the subconscious sometimes when talking to new fans and sometimes those that are sitting on the fence for our offers!

Our Head of Marketing Willy Chill shares 5 main captions (headline) topics he follows for Artist Collective videos and our clients' videos that drive engagement, views, followers, subscribers, and most importantly ROI!

  • First caption group 2:00
  • Second caption group 3:30
  • Third caption group 5:10
  • Fourth caption group 6:40
  • Fifth caption group 9:00

How do you normally caption or headline your videos? Lemme know in the comments!


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