4 Ways to Book More Gigs

🦠  This month marks the 2-year point for the onset of the lockdown.⁠

Nothing has been the same since March 2020, and honestly probably never will be.⁠

But ONE thing is for sure, live music is making a (real) comeback this year and this video will 100% help you as you're starting to book more gigs, events, and festivals.⁠

Vinnie is our seasoned gig specialist and music money expert that boasts a songlist of 700+ songs and a resume of more than 2,000 shows.

In our most recent video, he breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using booking sites just like these.

Watch "4 Ways to Book More Gigs" now to see how he manages leads, negotiates higher pay, and organizes all of these contacts through these 4 sites:

  • GigSalad
  • The Bash
  • Thumbtack
  • Airtable

Vinnie breaks down how he's made multiple 6 figures using these sites and more. Here's a quick menu of what he covers...

0:48 What do you need in your virtual EPK

1:20 How I made $13k a year on Gig Salad

2:30 Gig Salad tiers explained

3:02 How The Bash (formerly GigMasters) works

4:30 What kind of platform is Thumbtack?

5:20 The cost of "acquiring a new customer"

6:39 How to database your gigs on Airtable

 Get your gigs on now...

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