3 Easy Content Tips for Musicians (+Jadakiss Talks Social Media)

Dear Artists: It's 2022 and like it or not -- your MUSIC is CONTENT.

I know it's hard to consider sometimes, but the moment you post a song, share a performance video, or upload a reel, you are by definition a "content creator."

But don't worry. The good news is that social media isn't the end all be all, it's literally just the means to an end!

Focusing on content will help tremendously with your organic music promotion efforts.

More good news about social media content?

  • It’s FREE to upload your videos to YT
  • It’s FREE to share your stories on Instagram
  • It’s FREE to start a group on Facebook for your superfans.
  • It’s FREE to create a 15-second clip on TikTok

When it comes to getting your music and your message out to the world, there are very few things standing in your way... except yourself.

So let's make social media content really, really easy. Here are 3 easy content tips for musicians to succeed on social.

Using this framework, regardless of the platform will help you create an easy-to-use strategy you can build upon


1/ BE Consistent

Set your fans’ expectations of when you’re showing up. Whether it’s for a livestream or just getting them used to how often you’ll push out content.

Not only does it help with your superfans, but it also helps the algorithm.

2/ BE Engaging

Showing up on social even when you don't have something to promote, sell, or stream might not be "your thing"... but it should be.

Most social platforms have built-in tools like polls, stickers, Q&A features, etc but even without a lot of bells and whistles, just think about how many conversations you can start with your audience!

Ask questions, use this or that posts, share "would you rather" content to encourage interaction and even get to know your fans better.

But most importantly...

3/ BE Yourself

None of this matters if you're trying to be something you're not. Social media can be an endless cycle of comparison and leads to overwhelm, doubt, and imposter syndrome.

Think about YOUR journey -- the stories, experiences, and music that's unique to you. Sure, there may be other artists, coaches, and producers with a similar sound -- but NO ONE can tell your story.

Our latest YouTube video highlights the importance of social media content and the important role it plays in your organic music promotion. 

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